CAMPAIGN AND RESOURCES : “Multiculturalism Is Genocide” note stamps

Written by cigpapers

With the “MULTICULTURALISM IS GENOCIDE” sticker campaign now reaching most parts of the UK we’re now launching a parallel campaign with note stamps. The stamps are high quality TRAXX self-inking stamps with a lifetime warranty. The campaign is very simple – just stamp everywhere you legally can with the stamp.


The stamp design has a 34mm diameter.

Small denomination bank notes are the easiest way to circulate the stamp design where legal. Even if you don’t have a stamp join the campaign by simply writing slogans such as : “Multiculturalism Is Genocide” or “#WR” or “#WhiteGenocide” etc. on banknotes where legal.


The stamps are £10 with UK delivery or £15 outside the UK

Note stamp with UK delivery

Note stamp with UK delivery


Note stamp with Worldwide delivery

Note stamp with Worldwide delivery



If you want a stamp with 200 stickers/leaflets to the UK it is £20 or £30 Worldwide.

Note stamp with 200 stickers/leaflets to the UK

Note stamp with 200 stickers/leaflets to the UK


Note stamp with 200 stickers/leaflets to outside the UK

Note stamp with 200 stickers/leaflets to outside the UK



40 thoughts on “CAMPAIGN AND RESOURCES : “Multiculturalism Is Genocide” note stamps

  1. Reports of Asian man trying to snatch a 2 year old in Hyde, Greater Manchester, police appeal for information

    Did you see something? Say something: Hyde police station on 0161 856 9484 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

    Wanted: Indian man aged late 30s or early 40s wearing jeans and gold studs.

    In the GMP statement released before lunch, the offender is: “Described as Indian, approximately 5ft 11in tall, of slim build with dark/black short hair and with possibly a receding hairline.

    “He is described as having brown stained teeth and believed to be in his late 30s or early 40s.

    “He was wearing blue jeans with gold studs around the rear pockets and a pink and white horizontally striped polo shirt.”

    And of an Asian trying to grab a 10 year old child, also in Manchester:

  2. And yet another Asian enricher in Manchester this week:

    Hamid Zaman, 35, of Longsight, raped his latest victim twice at Boggart Hole Clough in Blackley, beating her with such ferocity that a witness told court he thought she was being murdered. The perverted and violent Asian rapist, who was in England to enrich the country, subjected a woman to a savage sex attack – months after being spared jail for abducting a schoolgirl.

  3. Enrichment. Including gay rape.

    Five Libyan soldiers jailed for sexually assaulting victims after leaving base
    Army had fears about the behaviour of the unruly cadets from the start
    Pressure is growing on Defence Secretary Michael Fallon to apologise
    Moktar Ali Saad Mahmoud and Ibrahim Abugtila, 23, jailed for raping man

  4. We’re assured by some very influential people that immigration is good for the economy. Greece is in terrible economic trouble. If we send ALL the immigrants that are swarming out of north Africa to Greece, then pretty soon Greece will be wealthy once again.

  5. We have ‘racially-aggravated assault’ so why isn’t there an offence of racially-aggravated RAPE? The fact that there isn’t speaks volumes about our gutless political overlords. Anyone who rapes a member of a different race should have their sentence doubled *at least* (until we get the death penalty back).

  6. Child protection boss paid off with £134k after failing to speak out about abuse by Pakistani gangs is rehired as a consultant within 24 hours on £1k a DAY
    Deputy children’s commissioner Sue Berelowitz criticised for not speaking out about sexual abuse by British Pakistani gangs
    She took voluntary redundancy from her £99,333-a-year post on April 30 and received a pay-off worth £134,000
    But the next day she was rehired to lead inquiry into family child abuse that she had been in charge of in her former role

    Read more:

    • Sue Berelowitz: a Jewish name. How surprising! But there again perhaps not. Having read the Tal*ud, I noted with some disgust that Jews believe there’s nothing wrong with having sex with children – so long as they’re not Jewish children, of course.

  7. These immigrunts enrich our lives in so many ways. They’ve brought a tidal wave of serious crime to these islands as well, but I suppose it’s a justifiable outcome for successive governments’ pursuit of “progressive” policies. Yes, that’ll be it. All the violent robberies, the gang rapes, the vice rings, the burglaries, the benefit tourism, the pickpocketing teams, the scrap metal thieving, the drug mules and the child abductions are a price worth paying to achieve the long held dream of a truly multicultural society. We must surely be the envy of the world by now.

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