Timeline Of The Jewish Genocide Of The British People


Here’s how it happened:

1066: In return for financial support William The Conqueror brought the jews to England with him. The jews soon acquired a reputation as extortionate moneylenders which made them extremely unpopular with both the Church and the general public. 

1290: King Edward I finally expelled the jews from England. The jews swore their revenge.

Expusion and relocation of jews during the Middle Ages.

Expulsion and relocation of jews during the Middle Ages.

1649: The jews financed Oliver Cromwell’s otherthrowing and beheading of Stuart King Charles I after he refused them control of England’s finances.

1655: The jews were readmitted to England by their puppet Oliver Cromwell.

1660: With the British People becoming sick of austerity under the jewish puppet Oliver Cromwell, Charles Stuart landed in Dover in May 1660 and was restored as King Charles II of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland to wide popular acclaim. The jews planned their revenge.  

1688: The jews ordered William III Prince of Orange (formerly a Dutch soldier called William Stadholder)to land in England at Torbay. Because of an ongoing Campaign of L’Infamie against King James II contrived by the jews, he abdicated and fled to France.

King William III of Orange

King William III of Orange

1694: William III of Orange (AKA William Stadholder) who the jews had installed as the King of England, asked the jews for financial help to keep the Stuarts at bay. Jews issued first bank notes on interest to William of Orange and first central bank had its beginnings. The Bank Of England was established. 

1697: London Stock Exchange became the world’s largest “purse.” Twelve ruling seats were reserved for jews only.

1701: The Bank of England establish the Bevis Marks Synagogue in the City of London.

1714: The jews install King George I (AKA Georg Ludwig 1660-1727) from the House of Hanover as the British King. There were, and still are, allegations that the House of Hanover are secretly jewish.

1715: James Stuart (AKA The Old Pretender), son of King James II, invaded Scotland and attempted unsuccessfully to take back the British Crown from the jews.

1745: The Stuarts made their final attempt to take back Britain from the jews by invading England with an army made up of Scottish Highland Clans under Bonnie Prince Charlie (1720-1788) grandson of King James II. Finally defeated at the Battle of Culloden in 1746. Bonnie Prince Charlie went in to exile and the British Royal House of Stuart came to an end.

Bonnie Prince Charlie made one last attempt to free the British People from enslavement to the jews.

Bonnie Prince Charlie made one last attempt to free the British People from enslavement to the jews in 1745.

1750: The House of the Red Shield (Rothschild) was established and became prime money-lenders to the British Crown.

1753: King George II, a pawn of the Rothschilds and Amsterdam jewish bankers, passed a Naturalization Bill allowing jews to become British subjects.

1757: Following Clive of India’s victory at Plassey The East India Company seized control of Bengal, India’s richest province, and got seriously involved in the opium trade.They also tripled local taxes leading to the starvation of 10 million Indians.

1773: Warren Hastings brought all opium production under the monoply control of The Bank of England. Eventually 17 million Chinese died of drug addiction as 2000 chests of opium were exported every year.

1773: Mayer Rothschild created the World Revolutionary Movement and Red-Flag Socialism as the banksters’ means of overthrowing National ruling elites (e.g. French and Russian Revolutions). Red-Flag socialism and the political groups that adhere to it have always been created and controlled by the Rothschilds. The red flag is the flag of the Rothschilds family – Rothschild means red shield.

1789: Mayer Rothschild organised the French Revolution, and mass murder of the French aristocracy, to seize control of the French economy by privatising the Bank Of France.


The French revolutionaries often used the red flag of the World Revolutionary Movement.

1803: The Bank Of France was privatised and a National Debt, to be paid off by income tax, was fraudulently established.

1808: Napoleon became master of Europe after seizing control of France back from the jews. He issued a decree which the jews termed the Decret Infame (Infamous Decree). The Decret Infame placed many justifiable restrictions on the jews. The jews planned their revenge.

Napoleon fought to free Europe from enslavement to the jews.

Napoleon fought to free Europe from austerity through debt-enslavement to jewish central bankers.

1814 to 1815: James & Nathan Rothschild ordered all European rulers to assemble at the Congress of Vienna. The Rothschilds drafted a plan that would make it impossible for another Napoleon to rise to power by creating a European “balance of power.” – this basically meant that if any European Nation revolted against jewish control all the jew controlled Nations would attack it.

1815: The Battle of Waterloo signified the end of Napoleon’s heroic anti-jewish rule and the Christian domination of Europe. Both James Rothschild of France and Nathan Rothschild of England financed Wellington’s victory over Napoleon at Waterloo.Nathan Rothschild used false information, about Napoleon winning Waterloo, to defraud the London Stock Exchange and seize control of Britain’s economy.

1882:The East India Company funded the “Opium Trust”.

1884:The Fabian Society was formed with jewish industrialist financing. A faux elite group, of pseudo-intellectuals and sexual deviants, who formed a semi-secret society for the purpose of bringing Red-Flag socialism (AKA jewish racial supremacy and Globalisation) to the World through the infiltration of Workers’ Groups and Political Parties i.e. The Labour Party.

1890: The largest munitions factory in the world, Vickers of England, was established by the Rothschilds. The stage was set for the Rothschild’s engineering of World War I and all future wars.

1906: Guglielmo Marconi’s invention of the radio is marketed and taken over by the Jew, David Sarnoff. Sarnoff established the Marconi Company in England and RCA in America. Thus began the Jewish control of the World’s media.

1910: Jews took over the office of Minister of Finance throughout Europe. Louis Klotz became Minister of Finance of France; Michael Luzzati of Italy; Bernhard Dernburg of Germany; Rufus Isaacs of England; and Djavid Bey of Turkey. All jews.

1914: The Vickers Munitions Company, owned by the Rothschilds, engineered World War I.

1916: Germany was winning World War One. The jews promised to obtain American support in exchange for Britain supporting Zionism. Prime Minister Lloyd George accepted the offer. Samuel Untermeyer blackmailed American President Wilson in to the USA joining World War One.

1917: Lord Balfour made formal Lloyd George’s capitulation to Weizmann in a letter to Lord Rothschild known as The Balfour Declaration. The Zionist theft of Arab lands was made “official.”

1917: The Rothschilds funded Lenin and Trotsky with $20 million  (real names Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov and Lev Bronshtein – both jews) via the Schiff banking family to otherthrow the Russian Tsar and murder him and his family by a Red-Flag revolution. The Rothschilds then privatised the Russian Central Bank and enslaved the Russian people to a jewish Red-Flag socialist elite. Russsia was the first Red-Flag jewish dictatorship and between 20 to 100 million White Christians were murdered in an orgy of executions, rape, torture and enslavement.


The flag of Communist Russia – there is a Satanic pentagram representing jews (ruling) above the industrial workers (hammer) and agricultural workers (sickle). In the background is the red flag of the Rothschilds.

1919: The jews insured Germany’s humiliation with their Treaty of Versailles. The jew Bernard Baruch advised Wilson at the conference. The jew Phillip Sassoon, the Parliamentary Private Secretary, advised Lloyd George. The jew, Georges Mandel, (aka Louis Rothschild), French Minister of the Interior, advised Georges Clemenceau.

1922: Jew Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi founded the Pan-European Movement in Vienna with the purpose of creating a New World Order based on a federation of Nations led by the USA. Banker Max Warburg donated 60,000 Marks to set it up.

1925: Jew Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi wrote the book Practical Idealism which laid down the blueprint for a new Europe. In his book Kalergi indicated that the residents of a future Europe will not be White, but due to miscegenation, will be a mongrel race of Asian/White/Negroes to serve a jewish aristocracy. He also suggested the destruction of Individual Nation States to create a United States of Europe. There is still a Coudenhove-Kalergi Prize given out every two years to the European Politician who has done most to support this genocide.

1933: International jewry declared all out war on the German People and swear to destroy them after they threw off the shackles of jewish oppression.


1939: The jewish puppet, and British Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain declared war on Nationalist Socialist Germany on September 3rd 1939, after Germany struggled to free itself from jewish oppression. The pretext was the war between Poland and Germany that Poland had instigated.

1945: The jewish controlled allies, led by jewish puppet Winston Churchill, defeat Nationalist Socialist Germany. After their surrender over 1 million German soldiers are murdered by the jewish allies including boys as young as 14. About 1 million more Germans are taken by the jew Bolshevik Russians as slaves and worked to death. The mass rape of German Women in East Prussia is effectively a genocide.

1946 to 1949: The jewish controlled Allies put on a show trial called the “The Nuremberg Trials” where the Germans are found guilty and the Holocaust myth is created. The Germans are forced to pay for the creation of Israel.

1948: The jews started their genocide of White Britain with the arrival of Windrush on 22nd June 1948, a boatload of negroes from West India. The Zionist press claimed this was to deal with an alleged labour shortage in Britain.

The Windrush arrives and the genocide of the British People starts.

The Windrush arrives on June 22nd 1948 and the genocide of the British People starts.

1958: The Notting Hill riots happened when the negroes sought to assert themselves through violence following members of the British White Working Class fighting back against anti-White violence.

1965: The jews introduced the notorious Race Relations Act 1965 making it a civil offence (rather than a criminal offence) to refuse to deal with people due to their National or racial origins.

1966: The jews introduced the Race Relations Board to deal with complaints under the Race Relations Act. The intention was to smash any resistance to integration AKA White genocide.

1973: The jewish puppet, moral degenerate, paedophile and British Prime Minister Edward Heath (1916-2005) took the UK in to the European Economic Community. Later Knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.

British Prime Minister Edward Heath - internationalist, degenerate, paedophile and traitor.

British Prime Minister Edward Heath – internationalist, degenerate, paedophile and traitor.

1976: The jews introduced the Race Relations Act 1976 to further promote White genocide and smash any resistance.

1981: The Brixton riots happened when the negroes refused to be subjected to British Laws and customs.

1994: The Leader of the Labour Party, John Smith QC MP, dies of a heart attack and is replaced by jewish puppet Tony Blair. The Labour Party is renamed New Labour AKA Jew Labour. Labour MP Tam Dalyell complains publically about the jewish cabal running the Labour movement. Tony Blair vows to clear New Labour of any racists i.e. anyone opposed to White genocide.

1995: The Barcelona Agreement is signed between all European Countries and Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Palestinian Authority, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and Israel. The Barcelona Agreement is a legal contract to carry out the Kalergi Plan. The Barcelona Agreement is concealed by Governments and the jewish-controlled main stream media from the general population.  .

1997: Jew Labour, using jewish Lord Levy’s personal puppet Tony Blair to front it, win a landslide election with Zionist media backing.

Tony Blair fronted Jew Labour for the jew Zionists.

Tony Blair fronted Jew Labour for the jew Zionists.

1997: Jew Labour leader Tony Blair and his jewish cronies including Jack Straw, Barbara Roche and Johnathan Portes opened the floodgates to Third World immigration to hasten the genocide of White Britain. Between 1997 and 2010 Jew Labour allowed up to 8 million Third Worlders in to Britain.

1998: The leader of Jew Labour Tony Blair publicly states “It is time to implement Practical Idealism“. Most British People failed to notice this seemingly political oxymoron and its hidden reference to White genocide.

2013:  Muslims in Britain perform their first public beheading on 22nd May 2013 in London.Their victim is British Army soldier, Fusilier Lee Rigby of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.

179 thoughts on “Timeline Of The Jewish Genocide Of The British People

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  2. After killing and murdered Jews throughout the history in pogroms in Russia, exile them from Spain 500 years ago, burn them in gas chambers during WW2 by the Nazis, prevent them to enter the holy land by the British now the lovely European get what they deserve. Jews out Muslims in. Don’t cry with crocodile tears about your future, you earn it with full dignity. Bon appetite.

    • LMAO “burn them in gas chambers” – if your going to try and continue the hoax, at least get the propaganda correct!
      They were ‘gassed’ (with bug spray), and supposedly burned three at a time in wood-burning crematoriums for about 20 minutes.

      Pogroms in Russia?? You mean when the Jews were claiming that ‘six millions’ or ‘half the Jewish population of the earth’ was being ‘starved, raped, and killed’?? Those accounts? The accounts only a few years BEFORE WWII even kicked off?

      What IMAGINATIONS you Jews have, then again, your ‘father’ is a liar.

    • Dude the Bolsheviks were fucking jews, Stalins wife was a fucking jew, you are believing lies. The Russian communists who killed the csar in the revolution and carried out the “pograms” were fucking Ashkenazi jews

    • the 6 gorillion lolocaust, the pogroms against jews have always been justified wheather its because of jewish child sacrifice or usury

    • “We can not state that all Jews are Bolsheviks. But: without Jews there would have been no Bolshevism. For a Jew nothing is more insulting than the truth. The blood maddened Jewish terrorists murdered sixty-six million in Russia from 1918 to 1957”
      — Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
      The people that claimed racial equality immediately started killing every race that was not Jewish and those who spoke up against the Jews.

      Cattle abattoirs were used to shoot the people in the back of the head with steel bolts, as used on cattle. The cattle abattoirs at Smolensk were used for the Katyn Forest killings. Then the bodies shipped by trucks to the forest.

      The Killing Field During April-May 1940, the Polish prisoners were moved from their internment camps and taken to three execution sites. The place most identified with the Soviet atrocity is Katyn Forest, located 12 miles west of Smolensk, Russia. For years historians assumed that the grounds of an NKVD rest and recreation facility were both an execution and burial site for nearly a fifth of the unfortunate Poles who found themselves in Soviet captivity. Post-Cold War revelations, however, suggest that the victims were shot in the basement of the NKVD headquarters in Smolensk and at an abattoir in the same city, although some may have been executed at a site in the forest itself.

      Katyn Forest victims were killed in a cattle abattoir. That’s the way the Jews killed Whites.
      The Jews used cattle cars to ship White people to the mechanized slaughter houses where they were killed like cattle.

  3. Just one thing wrong with this sadly you muddled facts up and it is not the Jews behind this evil but they are the scape goats and it is the Roman Catholic Jesuits who control the whole thing including the Rothschilds and all the money behind all the control is vatican money and the same obelisks are in Vatican square London and Washington DC all the symbol of who is the real master !

    • @sam
      It´s always “the others”……………For hundreds of years this tactic worked really well. Too many money hungry and power hungry muppets have fallen for money and lies. But people have woken up and you know it.There is no way back. Neither calling someone a Nazi nor blaming the jesuits, the striped ones, aliens or whatever bs will come to your sick perverted minds will detract people from the truth.

      • Unfortunately as we know over 20 Million were killed as a result of yet more following ‘leaders’ including hitler who was used by the jews, possibly unknown to him before it was too late. Millions here submitted to the jew ‘draft’ and suicide, breaking families, going off to kill millions of innocent white Germans, when they could have used that energy to stop all ‘govt’ here instead. Look at the history above, another is mosaisk jewish timeline. They can control big groups, but they can’t control a million tribes of five or ten people. ‘nation’, ‘state’, ‘democracy’ ‘republic’, dicators, it is all suicide by jew. So-called ‘founders’ were jews, see ‘washington’ face on ‘dollar’. The constitution is a fraud, the jews use a ‘contract’ con, search fourmilab Lysander Spooner “No Treason”, copy page. The slaughter of the southerners who were seceding to be free, instead of keeping their own small fighting groups they fell for the jew ‘con-fed-eracy’ con, judah benjamin, jews directed both ‘sides’. If they didn’t follow jews trying to ‘group’ them the fight would have been different, there would have been no ‘banks’ no ‘war one’, ‘depression’, ‘war two’, we would be stronger people, instead of now jews with trilions in weapons dicating everyone is a ‘terrist’. The jews are anarchists, in a tribe, while they dicate others ‘obey’ their fraud ‘lauz’. Natural anarchism and tribes is freedom. Small tribes, also self action, see louisbeam com leaderless. You can copy this post to reread. Masses have been ‘following’, to death. The Germans following when they could have made small tribes and fought instead, the white russians, kept separate from each other making it easy for the jew bolshiveks to kill tens of millions, people here are doing the same, stuck in their own ‘box’. Failure to make small tribes, be part of many small tribes. It’s not complicated. We continue to choose slavery when we can choose something else.

    • Just so you know, I am about to finish my MA in History and although this timeline is very simplistic, it is pretty much correct.

      As a Historian with controversial opinions, I have to deal with people like you all of the time and funnily enough, it’s losers like you who I consider to be “Low IQ”.

      This article is obviously not supposed to be a scholarly piece, it is meant to inform you of the general timeline of Jewish influence within this country. If you wish to explore the subject further, then you are free to do so (though, people like you never do).

      Champagne-socialists like yourself should learn to keep your mouths shut, otherwise you will continue to make a fools of yourselves.

  4. The last whites of the East End: BBC documentary reveals how cockneys are becoming an endangered species in London borough of Newham after 70,000 immigrants moved in
    BBC’s Last Whites of the East End looks at life in Newham, east London
    The area has had an influx of 70,000 immigrants in the past 15 years
    White British families say ‘Cockney’ traditions are now dying out
    ‘East Enders’ say community spirit has gone forever and area is a ‘slum’
    Newham is UK’s most culturally diverse borough according to 2011 census

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3590156/The-whites-East-End-BBC-documentary-reveals-cockneys-endangered-species-London-borough-70-000-immigrants-moved-in.html

  5. Never read so much tripe in my life.whoever wrote this must have a real problem with his/her sanity. Its probaly to do with the little black moustache that they have.

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    • Richard Nikolaus Eijiro, Count of Coudenhove-Kalerg”s mother was Japanese and his father was an Austrian Catholic aristocrat. His book Practical Idealism was a philo-Semitic response to some anti-Semitic sentiments in a book by his father, Heinrich von Couldenhove-Kalergi, a diplomat. It’s unfortunate that whomever wrote this article was misinformed about Couldenhove-Kalergi because this sort of sloppy scholarship doesn’t reflect well on the other information presented here making it suspect.

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  18. what a crock of crap, with no source links to back up what you are saying.
    all speculative crap, no ounce of fact.
    it might be a timeline, its missing alot of documentation.

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  23. I like your work. I am all new to this. Is there a way I can create a link to the blog I am creating so that interested parties can checkout what you have available on your blog ?

    • Don’t bother with such trifles.
      Please see my comprehensive information package at the Liberal Party of Canada website – it has all the information you will ever need, and more.
      Trust in your leaders.
      We know what is best for you and our countries, and only have your best interests at heart.
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      Ignore all false information and trust in leaders like myself – for we are truly, truly doing our civil duty for you and have sacrificed our lives for yours and your children.
      We love all of you and only hope to spread democracy and diversity throughout the world so we can – for the first time in our history – live peacefully and harmoniously side by side, as one homogeneous, loving people.

      Peace be to you all.
      Allahu Akbar.

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