Political Persecution In The ‘FREE’ Country Of Great Britain

Written by Boadacea

Is one free to object to the political policy of immigration?

Often we hear about the oppressive regimes around the world, the absence of freedom in various countries and the political persecution of dissenters in those places. Frequently we are expected to give political asylum to those people who claim asylum in our country after them allegedly being persecuted for their beliefs in some horrible oppressive country elsewhere. We hear that the Muslims hate us and attack us because they ‘hate our freedoms’. There is a constant stream of statements that reinforce the belief, albeit sometimes by implication, that we in this country are ‘free’.

However, are we free? Are political dissenters persecuted, suppressed or oppressed? Are we free to discuss and hear political policies/ideas/facts?

Well of course we are not free. We live under a massive level of surveillance, with our communications, movements and data monitored and collected. We are forced to work for many extra hours a week to pay our taxes (being forced to work without reward and under duress is not being free). We can be arrested and imprisoned if we offend a member of a more important group(1) (yet us being offended counts for almost nothing(2)).However, here the focus is on the issue of political oppression. Is this country free in a political sense(3)? There are various ways in which political freedom could be examined. For example, may one express one’s political beliefs, proposed policies, etc. without fear or sanction? Are people free to examine and discuss political ideas and related facts (historical or otherwise)? Are certain political ideas suppressed, and their proponents persecuted? Are people scared to express certain dissenting views? Space does not permit a full examination of the concept of political freedom, and this short essay will focus on the issue of whether a particular political idea is suppressed, and its proponents oppressed and/or persecuted. Actually, it is a particular form of dissent – dissenting from the government’s political policy of mass immigration.

Is opposition to immigration inhibited in this ‘free’ country?
In a ‘free’ country a political view cannot be banned – that would expose lack of freedom; the people need to believe they are living in a ‘free democratic’ state, it helps to keep them from rising up against an oppressive regime. However, can a government suppress a dissenting view and/or oppress its proponents to the extent that the dissent poses no effective threat? Can the government with the arms of the state (and media, etc.) effectively suppress dissent to their political policy of mass immigration to the point that there is no effective opposition?

If people face persecution, and even prosecution, for expressing a certain political view and/or dissent to a certain political policy, then this is political suppression. If the arms of the state, including the state-broadcaster (the BBC), the education system, etc. all agree on a particular political policy and propagandise its greatness, then this can act to inhibit certain political ideas. If political parties (and/or their supporters) that object to a certain political policy face persecution by the state, then this is political oppression. If open debate on a government political policy is effectively impossible, then this is inhibition of dissent. If all major media organisations demonise those who express dissent to a political policy, then this has a psychological/emotional effect on the public, and acts to suppress dissent. If the information given to the public in relation to a political policy (and related matters) is distorted or censored, and even untrue, then this can act to manipulate people and suppress dissent.

In relation to open debate and discussion of the political policy of mass immigration, it is almost impossible to hold a rational and fair debate on this topic. Debate is inhibited by various means. One such means of suppressing open debate is that of straightforward banning of debate. Often this is phrased in a saccharin-coated phrase such as ‘no platform for ‘racists’’ or ‘no platform for fascists’ and suchlike rather than openly stating that this idea is banned from discussion.



The National Union of Students (NUS) bans any speech that is labelled by them as ‘racist’ or ‘fascist’; this ban under the ‘no platform’ guise(4). People using these sorts of phrases attempt to deceive others as to what is really going on: really these people are stopping certain political ideas, facts, beliefs, etc. from being stated or heard. This ‘no platform’ also achieves many other matters, including: giving the impression, albeit by implication, that dissenters are not worthy of being heard; achieving an ‘immunity from criticism (or truth)’(5); etc. However, by claiming a ‘high moral ground’ this ban on debate purports to be for some sort of moral reasons. Of course, the nebulous-power-word ‘racism’ is not a proper word, so such cries are not rational(6). Also, the term ‘fascist’ is thrown around in a non-rational manner (see Orwell(7)), in fact, often in an ironic manner; could it not be classed as ‘fascist’ under some of its definitions to ban open debate of dissenting views? Could one not label the banning of certain inconvenient truths as fascist?

This silencing of certain political ideas/beliefs, etc. is found in many contexts. As well as the ‘no platform’ in universities, there is a ban on dissent in many other contexts (including businesses, schools, state organisations such as the NHS, etc.) and only certain views can be heard or stated. Even during our elections such silencing is found to occur. For example, Mr Nick Griffin was not allowed to give his election declaration speech on stage during the 2001 elections, this prompting Mr Griffin and Mr Treacy to wear gags while on the stage with the other candidates(8):



In some contexts gagging of dissenters is claimed to be for reasons of ‘maintaining the peace’ or ‘community cohesion’ or suchlike – this usually prompted by threats or actual instances of violence(9) and other crimes by ‘lefties’ and/or immigrants.


So violence by those supporting the government’s political views is used as an excuse to gag dissenters(10). Surely the police should act to stop the violence? Enforce the law? Would such threats, were they ever to occur, by anti-immigration proponents be pandered to in this manner? Does this mean that the most criminal and violent win? Is this a safe message for the state to be sending out? Is this moral? Interestingly, those threatening and involved in such crime and violence frequently are linked to the government in various ways(11), which might explain the lack of the law being enforced when they break it(12). Such people could hence be being used by the government as a form of informal/unaccountable/deniable enforcers(13). Such people act as state-sponsored enforcers, but with full deniability by the state(14). This all further acts to intimidate the people from dissenting to this government policy.


Another means by which dissent from the political policy of immigration is inhibited is, of course, the fear of being labelled ‘racist’. ‘Racism’ is a nebulous-power-word, not a properly-defined term, and should not be used in rational discourse. However, it is this very fact of low referentiality that largely contributes to the power of this term (as analysed and explained by Dr Thomas Turner(15)). The establishment has contributed significantly to the social construction of this term (see Dr Turner’s book qv). People fear the consequences of being labelled as ‘racist’ – these consequences including the social(16), financial, legal and also the physical fear of being attacked by ‘anti-racists’ and/or immigrants. Most people understand that the law is not properly/fully enforced against the immigrants or ‘anti-racists’ in this context(17) – they have an almost free pass to enforce the will of the state against ‘racists’, including by use of violence (as noted above). Hence, people are intimidated into silence and acquiescence. Dissent is inhibited.

In fact, people are too scared even to state certain truths in relation to immigration for fear of being labelled ‘racist’ – by this means open and honest debate is further inhibited as many do not even have the true facts to consider. Many truths cannot be stated, and ‘racism’ is not the only excuse for suppression of truth – other means including those of ‘causing offence’, ‘stirring hatred’ and matters such a ‘maintaining community relations’ (often code for: not letting the people know the truth in case they rise up; having no riots; there being no challenge or disruption to government immigration policy; etc.). If one states certain matters one can be accused of being ‘an extremist’, a ‘right wing extremist’, ‘threat to security’, ‘dangerous agitator’, or other scary-sounding labels – such labels can, amongst other things, render one liable for various acts of state suppression and the government is currently seeking more legislation to further silence such truths and debate. The government deems such people as a danger to the state. More honest people will be imprisoned. When true facts that pertain to government policy are suppressed, then this is not political liberty. Neither is this moral nor honest. However, in an inversionist manner, those stating the truth and acting with honour will be imprisoned under the manipulative lie of them being ‘evil’. This is not open and honest debate, and this is not freedom.
Political parties and other organisations that object to the political policy of mass immigration are subject to much suppression and persecution. Of course the general factors, including those noted above, apply also here. The mainstream media, including the BBC, make sure that the coverage of such parties is very unfavourable, and frequently the coverage is dishonest (the BBC is not impartial as its charter states). Hence, the unsuspecting public often believe such parties to be dangerous and monstrous. This distorts the democratic political process. However, the persecution and suppression of such parties and organisations also is conducted by many other means. For example, a police officer was forced to resign after being seen while off duty at a football match wearing a BNP badge(18). Have any public servants been punished in any way for wearing other forms of political badges(19) while off duty, e.g. any pro-immigration badges? So it is permissible to support the policies of the government in relation to mass immigration, but not to dissent from them (even while off duty). Many have faced persecution for belonging to or even merely supporting the BNP. For example, a bus driver was sacked for belonging to the BNP(20). The BBC sent an undercover journalist to film Mr Nick Griffin giving a speech and this resulted in Mr Griffin facing two criminal trials – and he was not convicted of any crime(21). During his speech in 2004  he predicted that Muslims would launch an attack on our country and objected to the sexual ‘grooming’ and rape of our children (before any reports such as in Rotherham were released). His predictions and claims were proven to be accurate and true. It is fair to conclude that those organisations (including political parties) dissenting from the establishment’s support for the political policy of immigration do face suppression and persecution. Such suppressive acts not only directly inhibit dissent (and truth), but also others are frightened from dissenting.


There are various pieces of legislation that act in such a manner as to suppress dissent, this by threat of arrest, (e.g. ‘hate laws’). For example, words that might ‘insult’ and ‘stir up hatred’ can result in imprisonment(22). The application of these laws has disproportionately been such that they act to suppress dissent(23). Of course, as is frequently found in this ‘soft totalitarian’(24) state, this is all wrapped up in a cloak of ‘compassion’ and ‘moral values’. But to whom is the compassion being shown? To those who object to what is fairly described as an invasion of the country? As genocide(25)? Can the indigenous people not object to these hateful acts being perpetrated upon them without being arrested (and, ironically, accused of hatred)? Would hatred not be valid in some such instances? Should one hate those who have facilitated or committed mass rape of children or genocide? Does this situation not alarm and distress normal people? Why should the state think it is acceptable to arrest people for their beliefs and emotions anyway? Does the invasion and mass rape not offend you? Are you not offended, insulted or distressed that, by various means, you dare not object to this? Not even to the genocide? Feel threatened or alarmed? And is it moral to ban the truth? How can proper political decisions be made if based on lies and not on truth? Why should ‘offence’ or ‘insult’ be criminalised – and also only is certain contexts? If a comment were to stir up hatred(26) against a group, then if the statement is true, perhaps that group should not be loved, hey? If there were truths that if stated might offend or insult a group (s), or even stir up hatred, then to ban their statement is still to ban truth and takes away true and useful information from the public.This legislation can act to disempower the true victims in many cases, and to give the false impression that the perpetrators are the victims. Also it can act, inter alia, to protect the perpetrators from truth (in case they don’t like to hear it, and/or possibly face the consequences of it becoming widely known). So if the presence of group X meant a significant increase in rapes of children from group Y by group X, then one could not say this because group X might not like it (never mind what group Y don’t like, including their children getting raped, some groups are more equal than others). Better to pretend we are all the same (and at the same time don’t forget to celebrate the diversity!). If group B get arrested or stopped by the police at twice the rate of group A, then even if this were because group B committed twice the rate of crime, one could not state this fact/truth in case group B were insulted and this fact might cause resentment of group B. Better to let them off the crimes they commit and equalise the arrest figures, never mind if the other people are victimised by the crimes (and not to bother if any of this alarms/distresses/threatens/insults them, or even could be interpreted as inciting hatred against them). This all acts to suppress certain truths and challenges to government policy – and often in an insidious and surreptitious manner.

Hence, by various means there is a lack of freedom in this country in relation to the political freedom of dissenting from the government political policy of mass immigration. People are misinformed and are intimidated by various means. Dissenters are oppressed and are susceptible to prosecution by the state. Organisations and political parties dissenting are liable to much mistreatment from the state – this is political persecution.

You will acquiesce, you will not dissent. It’s called freedom. Orwell warned us about this:
“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

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2.Even those in government can insult the English and/or the British without sanction – and certainly without going to prison. For example, saying the English are a race too lazy or incapable of working, etc. is fine, but don’t say it about Africans, etc.
3.Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19:
‘Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.’
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5. ‘Immunity from criticism’ refers to the fact that if no criticism, challenge, debate, alternative ideas, etc. are allowed, then those with this immunity can merely state their ideas, beliefs, policies, etc. and do not have to face any criticism or challenge on them. Such people do not need to defend what they say in any way and can merely state what they wish and leave the impression almost as though it is correct and perfect – with no alternatives.
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14. And of course not all of them are in direct contact with the state in relation to the enforcement, but most of them understand that they will be very unlikely to be held account for threats, violence, etc. against anti-immigration people. Of course, some of them are in direct contact as will be discussed in future essays.
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23. One could interpret some of this legislation in such a manner that it would render many politicians guilty of the offences therein. For example the Public Order Act 1986 makes it, amongst other things, a criminal offence to state certain matters that threaten, abuse or insult and are likely to stir up racial hatred. Are not many pro-immigration speeches thus covered? What about those who state that the immigrants ‘do the jobs Brits are too lazy to do’?
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26. And how can this be shown to be the case? When would it not be resentment, disapproval or disgust, etc. and actually be hatred? Besides, how could causing hatred even be thought in a sane world #to be illegal?

57 thoughts on “Political Persecution In The ‘FREE’ Country Of Great Britain

  1. Sadly our governments in the West have become infested with traitors who are in the pay of foreign interests out to destroy us and our way of life. They fear and hate us in equal measure and are engaged in an on-going program of cultural and ethnic extermination with the intention of wiping us out entirely. It is genocide in all but name. And if you in your ignorance place your vote for any of the main established parties come election time, YOU will have only YOURSELF to blame when you lose everything and your children and their children in turn have nothing to look forward to but perpetual slavery in the service of the very same foreign agents who are behind it all.

    • Oh, be careful, mate. That sounds a bit racist. You don’t want to be seen to be critical of other people’s cultural backgrounds. You might end up in prison for drawing attention to this kind of practice.

  2. 1. UK Whites are in a race war, except most of them don’t know it yet.
    2. You are already slaves in a most compelling way: usury embedded in the monetary system takes 40-50% of your income even if you don’t have a mortgage or other big borrowings. The serfdom of medieval times was nothing in comparison.
    Don’t be waiting on Russell Brand to fix THAT.
    3. If you vote for the perpetrators and their puppets, you consent.
    4. It’s an evolutionary struggle. Those who can’t be bothered, probably won’t survive beyond the next few generations.
    5. Do right and fear no-one. Easier said than done, but do you need more?
    6. The internet is the first time probably ever in history that Whites have had the ability to access and exchange unfiltered information. This is key.

    The present state of UK was foreseen by many but for a racially-focused and realistic angle search for White Man Think Again by Anthony Jacob – published in nineteen sixty-five.

  3. What they’re up to doesn’t stand up to scrutiny and critical thinking exposes it for what it is. This is why it’s ‘politically incorrect’ and heavily deprecated to have the audacity to question the agenda our Lords and Masters are following. It’s also the reason the ‘holocaust’ cannot be questioned on pain of imprisonment in countries like Germany and Austria.

    • That report is deeply disturbing if true. To think that what clearly amounts to High Treason could be taking place in such a stable and long-standing democracy is to say the least iconoclastic. Something clearly needs to be done as this unforgivable censorship meme is infecting the whole of western Europe. It’s becoming like China.

  4. Here in America, we don’t have laws as draconian as some of those dealing with “hate” in Europe, but the social and unofficial sanctions against inconvenient speech and opinion are much the same. A politically incorrect tweet or insufficiently sensitive break room utterance can abruptly lose a man his job, and I have no doubt that I would be terminated from my position if my private opinions on race or the “Holocaust” became known.

  5. BBC bias starting to crumble:

    ‘One of the BBC’s top presenters has admitted the corporation ignored mass immigration because it feared critics would say it was racist. […]

    And he said BBC employees are unable to understand the concerns of ordinary people because they typically have ‘sheltered’ middle-class lives’


    • Humpreys is a lying turd as you probably know, Ross. “Feared critics” my foot! The BBC have done nothing but encourage mass immigration for more than the last half century – and crucified anyone who spoke out against it. Only now multiculti’s gone so disastrously wrong are they seeking to distance themselves from their involvement in the public mind – but they’re 100% culpable along with all the old Labour apparachiks like Jack Straw, Ten Bellies Prescott and Hattie Harperson. Guilty of High Treason the lot of them. And the Conservaturds who went quietly along with it are absolutely no better – even worse in some instances!

  6. Dear Cigpapers
    I know very well from recent personal experiences that what you are talking about above is absolutely true because I am now what is referred to as being one of those; “political dissidents”.

    Keep up the good work of “carrying the torch” of the British White Nationalists party until the day that we get it back from: “you know who” who stole it from us…

  7. I was talking about the “Jews” Mr Shark and it was a psychopathic Jewish faggot that has had the power to forbid from having any contact whatsoever with my 3 young children since the 6th of August 2014.
    My youngest son is just tens years of age and he informed me not so long ago that he cries every day because he misses me so much….Fucking evil Jews!

  8. My youngest child currently attends an “Academy primary school” of which its assets were donated to it on a 115 year lease for free…And not just for free but with a 45 grand “bung”,,, just to help it on its way to…. rip off us tax payers.
    Not only that, but the headmistress now receives an extra 50 grand PA to act as one of the schools governors to top up her teaching salary…Total annual salary now approximately £120,000 PA!
    …Soon after I had informed my sons headmistress of what I knew about her and her new “Academy primary school”… she…shopped me to the cops!

  9. R.E.
    https://www.google.co.uk/ gfe_rd=cr&ei=XrKTVJLBJeSB7QaR6ICQCw&gws_rd=ssl#q=adrian+d+chetwynd

    Please “Google” “Adrian D Chetwynd”
    How many results can you see?
    When I first Googled my name after the 6th of August 2014 (Just after the Jews had banned me from having any contact with my children) my name produced more than half of a million results.

    About 2 weeks ago when I retested my name via Google it came up with a mere 100,000 results.
    A few minutes ago when I researched my name again on Google I discovered that only 67,900 results where available?

    “GO FIGURE”!

    • Don’t take it personally. It’s not just you. The joos utterly detest EVERYONE. Maybe it’s because of the teachings in their revolting “Holy Book” the Talmud; maybe it’s just their innate nature. It’s natural for them to despise others. And of course it’s not just YOUR family they’re out to destroy. The whole of the Western world is being targetted with anti-family propaganda morning, noon and night. And we put these scumbags in parliament and give them power over us! We really must be mad. We deserve to get shafted for being such a soft-touch!

      • Pure evil is a part of the Jewish genetic makeup (I now know that for sure from my personal experiences of the bastards)…Have you noticed how over represented they are in paedophile convictions… Jimmy Savile was a kike and so was Jack the ripper too.

  10. Copy:
    Here is some current BBC (Bolshevik Broadcasting Company) business news for you to make a note of:

    “Earlier this month, the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) raised its borrowing forecast for the current financial year from £86.4bn to £91.3bn as a result of a surprisingly(?) low tax take, although the new higher figure is still below last year’s total of £97.5bn.”

    Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-30546380

    £91.3bn divided by 365 days = TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILLION Pounds per day in sterling!

    Do you realise just how minuscule that 120 grand was that the Jewish owned Barclays bank promised to lend me back in the year of 2009?

    Here is the answer:

    365 (days) x 24 (hours) x 60 (minutes) x 60 (seconds) = 31,536,000 seconds.

    91,300,000,000 divided by 31,536,000 = £2,895 per second.

    £120,000 divided by £2,895 = approximately 41.5 seconds….

    The KIKES have made fools out of the both of us haven’t they Lorraine!

    ADolf C

  11. Check this out at: https://diggerfortruth.wordpress.com/2014/12/19/8292/#comments
    / December 20, 2014
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    In my opinion this video is nothing but anti-Russian propaganda.
    Did the Germans really kill 20 million Russians?
    So many tall stories told it was much like listening to the so called “Jewish holocaust survivors” lying, exaggerating and crying.
    Thomas Goodrich the creator of Hell Storm would have a better idea of how truthful it is than me but the fact of the matter is that Digger should know better than to promote trash like this.
    Digger disappeared for quite awhile and I am now beginning to wonder if an infiltrator has taken over his website.

  12. Here is a copy of an email which I recently forwarded to my traitorous wife…
    What is it that makes you believe that the Jews will allow me to be back with our ten year old son William again early next year?

    …You must surely know, I know it from personal experience and the Jews must also know it too, that as each day passes, I become even more “Anti-Semitic”. (Blame “them” for it and not me will you please)

    So “why the fuck” do you think that the Jews are going to “miraculously” stop persecuting me and William as a consequence, early next year?


  13. Dear Mr Cig Papers
    Do you realise just how unlikely it is that my and anyone else’s comments will be viewed by the general public?
    …And that is because it is not very obvious to the “general public” what they have to do to read the comments…
    Please sort the problem “ASAP” will you please,Mr Cig Papers.

  14. From the USA:

    “my experience has also taught me that blacks are different by almost any measure to all other people. They cannot reason as well. They cannot communicate as well. They cannot control their impulses as well. They are a threat to all who cross their paths, black and non-black alike.

    I do not know the solution to this problem. I do know that it is wrong to deceive the public. Whatever solutions we seek should be based on the truth rather than what we would prefer was the truth.”



  15. Holohoax promoter, Deborah Lipstadt, uses the “no platform” meme to avoid debating revisionists. She claims that she won’t give “Holocaust Deniers” respectability by deigning to debate them. However, everybody knows it’s really because she’d get her arse handed to her if she did.

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