Campaign: To Make Lee Rigby’s Mother A Baroness

Written by Cigpapers

Photos and captions by Watt Tyler

National hero Lee Rigby - his family shouldn't get any less than Stephen Lawrence's.

National hero Lee Rigby – his family shouldn’t get any less than Stephen Lawrence’s.

This is a campaign to make Lee Rigby’s mother a Baroness, award her an OBE, compensate her and build a £10 million “Lee Rigby Community Centre” in her home town. After all that is what the mother of the rather worthless street thug Stephen Lawrence received. Lee Rigby on the other hand was a serving soldier in the British Army.

Please send a letter, or email, to all your MEPs and MP as soon as possible. If you’re not much of a letter writer feel free to copy and paste the letter below.

Dear ( name of your MP/MEP) 

Doreen  Delceita Lawrence is the mother of murdered black teenager Stephen Lawrence. She was awarded an OBE in 2003 and made a life peer (Baroness Lawrence of  Clarendon) in 2013. £10 million was spent on the “Stephen Lawrence Community Centre” which opened in 2008 in Deptford, London.  There has also been an e-petition to rename Heathrow Airport as “Stephen Lawrence Airport“. Baroness Lawrence is the Honorary President of anti-White race hate group the UAF which promotes racism, violence and intimidation across Britain.

Lee Rigby was not a street thug like Stephen Lawrence, but was in fact a fine young man doing his duty in the British Army. I do not see any valid reason why his family, and in particular his mother, should receive less from the British Nation than Stephen Lawrence’s did. I therefore suggest that his mother is made a Baroness and awarded an OBE. I would also like £10 million to be spent on a “Lee Rigby Community Centre” and an e-petition organised to rename Manchester Airport as “Lee Rigby Airport”.

As my elected representative I expect you to give this campaign your full support and public backing. Could you please clarify whether you will be supporting this campaign, or not, as that will clarify mine and my family’s voting intention.

Yours sincerely ( your name )

You can email this to all your MEPs and MP free of charge via   also consider sending to any members of the House of Lords you can think of at the same address.
If you would prefer to write a paper letter then ( no stamp required) address to:

(Name of your MP), House Of Commons, London, SW1A OAA

(Name of member of House of Lords), House Of Lords, London, SW1A OAA

For MEPs you will need to look up their addresses.

Doreen Lawrence was made a Baroness and is now Honorary President of anti-White violent race hate group the UAF.

Doreen Lawrence was made a Baroness and is now Honorary President of violent anti-White race hate group the UAF.

Replies To This Campaign:

27th February 2014:  Brian Simpson (Labour) MEP North West England has refused to support the campaign.

28th February 2014: Nick Griffin (BNP) MEP North West England has given this campaign his full support.

March 2014: Sir Peter Luff MP (Conservative) MP Worcestshire had a Pensioner constituent who emailed him arrested for racism . He also refused to support this campaign. Video below:

Please copy the emails from your MPs / MEPs in reply to this campaign in the comments section so we can put all replies up on here.

28 thoughts on “Campaign: To Make Lee Rigby’s Mother A Baroness

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  3. Fat chance. To get any kind of honour from this treasonous Establishment, you have to be a worthless piece of trash of one kind or another. Lee Rigby’s mother doesn’t stand a hope in hell. But I suspect we all knew that, anyway.
    However, it’s a nifty idea for highlighting this disgusting hypocrisy and double standards that have become the norm in Shithole Britain these days.

    • funny,what with you being a regular on spivey cigpapers,that you would have failed to notice the woolwich hoax,man you are one suspect character

      • I don’t agree with Spivey on Woolwich being a hoax and have said so on his site – hardly makes me a suspect character, just someone with different ideas JoeJoe.

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  5. I’m not English.. I’m an American (although my family are of English and Welsh descent). This Lee Rigby case really grabs me; Rigby looks like all my male relatives. His murder has hit me to my core. For some reason I am taking this particular outrage very very personally.

    Would weighing in, as an American, mean anything at all? I am very outspoken and “nervy”. I’ll contact whatever MP seem appropriate. Please advise. Thanks.

    • if rigby was a hero,how are you defining his heroism? being a soldier for the jews bidding,or being a drummer,how do you get to your conclusion?

      • He didn’t know any better – and didn’t have any time to learn. I know quite a few young American soldiers, who Awakened during Service. England is more of a “top-down” social structure, than America is. Poor Rigby never had a chance to learn………

  6. The black creature deserved nothing. Dressing her up like royalty is like dressing up my dogs as princess and prince on Halloween. It’s meaningless. Take back its title.

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