Is Peter Tatchell A Paedophile Or Simply Misunderstood?

Written by Cigpapers
Additional material and photos by Watt Tyler
Peter Tatchell was born in Melbourne Australia on 25th January 1952, he moved to London in 1971 to avoid conscription. In 1978 Tatchell joined the Labour Party and moved to Bermondsey, South East London. Tatchell ran as the Bermondsey Labour Party candidate in the 1983 General Election. Despite Bermondsey being a Labour stronghold he lost to Liberal candidate Simon Hughes. In February 2000 he left the Labour Party for unknown reasons. In 2004 he joined the Green Party and was chosen to be their candidate for Oxford East in the 2010 General Election, however for some reason he withdrew his candidacy in 2009.

Peter Tatchell (the UK’s most prominent homosexual activist and a favourite of the BBC) has done more than demand the abolition of the age of consent, he has broken the law on the age of consent in Britain at least once.


Peter Tatchell is a regular on the BBC. The BBC have refused to state whether he appears as a human rights activist, homosexual campaigner or paedophile apologist. They have also refused to state how much they have paid him for appearances.

As a gay 18-year-old Australian anti-Vietnam war draft-dodger, he came to the UK in 1971 and lived with a 16-year-old boy in London. The homosexual age of consent in England at the time was 21. Later he campaigned for lowering it to 16, and now he wants it lowered again to 14. What will he want after that?

When the age of consent for homosexuals was lowered to 16 an Outrage (Tatchell’s organization) banner said “16 is just a start” – it didn’t state what the end goal was.


Mr Tatchell criticises the age of consent laws. Here is a quotation from his own website:

Nevertheless, like any minimum age, it is arbitrary and fails to acknowledge that different people mature sexually at different ages. A few are ready for sex at 12; others not until they’re 20. Having a single, inflexible age of consent doesn’t take into account these differences. It dogmatically imposes a limit, regardless of individual circumstances“.

Peter Tatchell wrote the chapter “Questioning Ages of Majority and Ages of Consent” for a book openly advocating paedophilia and finding ways “to make paedophilia acceptable“.

This book, published in 1986 and called The Betrayal of Youth (B.O.Y.), was edited by Warren Middleton, then vice-chairperson of the Paedophile Information Exchange, Britain’s number one paedophile advocacy group.

Stephen Green, anti-paedophile campaigner wrote: “The book was part of a campaign to abolish all ages of consent,  destroy the responsibilities of parents for their children, deny any ill-effects on children of interference by paedophiles, and withal to make it easier for paedophiles to gain sexual access to children.

In The Betrayal of Youth Tatchell wrote that the age of sexual consent is “Reinforcing a set of increasingly quaint, minority moral values left over from the Victorian era“.

Tatchell often ambushes public figures who don't support the homosexual/paedophile agenda. The MSM and especially the BBC usually give him great publicity for these stunts.

Tatchell often ambushes public figures who don’t support the homosexual/paedophile agenda. The MSM and especially the BBC usually give him great publicity for these stunts.

He was not on his own in this belief.Many of his fellow socio-communists and homosexual activists thought the same:

Campaign for Homosexual Equality chairman Michael Jarrett was identifying paedophiles as an oppressed group, and the CHE list of “demands” included the complete abolition of minimum ages for sexual activity. The Labour Gay Rights Manifesto of 1985 said ‘A socialist society would supersede the family household. … Gay people and children should have the right to live together. … It follows from what we have already said that we favour the abolition of the age of consent.’


Feminists like Beatrice Faust contributed to The Betrayal of Youth, as well as other homosexual activists besides Tatchell, including Jeffrey Weeks and Eric Presland, who “related his first paedophile experience with an Asian boy of thirteen, and boasted of interfering with a little boy of six“.

The book is considered so toxic that Amazon doesn’t sell it and you cannot search its content in Google Books.

Tatchell is well aware of how much all this is bad publicity for him and keeps rationalizing and adjusting his positions, but only the ideologically blind or pathologically naive cannot see through his self-excuses.

He has prepared a standard self-defence which can be found on his own website and has been repeated verbatim on many outlets. It used to also be on the site of his friend militant atheist, Richard Dawkins, but it’s not there any more. Maybe even Dawkins draws a line at what is morally allowed, even though his motto is “There’s probably no God – now stop worrying and enjoy your life”.

In this article that supposedly should serve to exculpate him, Tatchell has nothing better than this: “The critics also cite Warren Middleton’s 1980s book, Betrayal of Youth, to which I contributed a chapter. I had no idea that he was involved in child sex abuse matters when I was asked to write.”

Considering that Warren Middleton was co-founder and vice-chairperson of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), a prominent group promoting paedophilia, it was impossible for Tatchell not to have known his propensities. In addition, both Tatchell and Middleton were part of the Gay Liberation Front/Angry Brigade, a neo-Marxist revolutionary group of radical students at the London School of Economics, thus making Tatchell’s protestations of ignorance verge on the ridiculous.

Peter Righton of the Paedophile Information Exchange.

Peter Righton of the Paedophile Information Exchange – a Child welfare expert who wanted the age of consent lowering to four.

Were you aware that Tatchell contributed a chapter to this book?


The contents and contributors of The Betrayal of Youth:

Chapter 1: ‘Incest’ by Clive Coliman: Described as “An ardent supporter of the children’s rights movement.”

Chapter 2: ‘Child Pornography and Erotica’ by Richard Green: Illustrator for the Paedophile Information Exchange magazine under the pseudonym “Dominik”

Chapter 3: ‘Child Prostitution’ by Warren Middleton of P.I.E.

Chapter 4: ‘Gender Differences’ by Liz Holtom and Kathy Challis: both from the anti-Christian Peace News.

Chapter 5: ‘Power and Consent’ by Eric Presland: Homosexual activist. Contributed also to the American paedophile book “The Age Taboo.”

Chapter 6: ‘Love and Let Love’ by Tuppy Owens, Editor of the Sex Maniac’s Diary, and Tom O’Carroll: ex-Chairman of P.I.E. who was convicted in 1981 of conspiracy to corrupt public morals by sending out a paedophile contact list.

Chapter 7: ‘Children and Sex’ by Fr Michael Ingram: Catholic priest, defender of paedophilia.

Chapter 8: ‘The Paedophiles’ by Beatrice Faust: militant feminist & civil libertarian.

Chapter 9: ‘Questioning Ages of Majority and Ages of Consent’ by Peter Tatchell.

Chapter 10: ‘Ends and Means: How to Make Paedophilia Acceptable?’ by Roger Moody of Peace News: “One of the most outspoken advocates of children’s rights in Britain .” Well-documented as a ubiquitous paedophile intellectual.

Chapter 11: ‘Socialism, Class, and Children’s Rights’ by John Lindsay: “ardent supporter of children’s rights.” Member of the Socialist Workers’ Party. Homosexual activist, hates the institution of the family.

Chapter 12: ‘Childhood Sexuality and Paedophilia: Some Questions Answered’ by Warren Middleton of P.I.E.

Chapter 13: ‘The Oppression of the Young: An Inside Perspective’ by Jeff Vernon: Involved in Gay Youth Movement and Campaign for Homosexual Equality.

Appendix 1: “P.I.E., from 1980 Until its Demise in 1985” by Steven A. Smith: ex-chairman of P.I.E. Fled to Holland in 1984, became “active in the Dutch crusade for children’s rights,” was deported back to the UK in 1991 and sentenced to 18 months for sending indecent articles through the post.

Appendix 2: “The Uranians” by Timothy d’Arch Smith: Bookseller. Author of “Love in Earnest.”

Peter Tatchell’s self-defence begins with:

Unlike many Catholic clergy, I have never abused anyone. Unlike the Pope, I have never failed to report abusers or covered up their crimes.”

These are blatant falsities. It wasn’t many Catholic clergy, it was an extremely small minority. And, as shown in Lies About The Catholic Church Child Sex Abuse Scandal, there is no reason, except bigotry and prejudice, to single out Catholic clergy who in fact have committed fewer of these crimes than any other pedagogic institution, religious or secular.

Peter Tatchell and his homosexual/paedophile allies often attacked the Christian Church for having Christian values. There is no record of him bursting in to a synagogue or mosque to protest against their religous values.

Peter Tatchell and his homosexual/paedophile allies often attacked the Christian Church for having Christian values. There is no record of him bursting in to a synagogue or mosque to protest against their religious values.

Saying what he does about the Pope is a criminal act, it is slander. The Pope has never covered up for anyone.Tatchell and his friends in the mainstream media (especially the BBC) think that if you repeat a lie enough times your audience will start to believe that it’s true.

But blaming the Church whenever you’re in trouble is a good way to distract the public from your own deviations from the norm. It’s worked so far so why shouldn’t it work now? Maybe because people have started calling your bluff, Pete.

Peter Tatchell has a seething hatred of Christian morals and values.

Peter Tatchell has a seething hatred of Christian morals and values.

The above should tell you how trustworthy and credible Tatchell is, but there’s more.

Look at his defence of the book Dares To Speak:

“Dares to Speak was an academic book published in 1997, authored by professors, anthropologists, psychologists, sociologists, a Dutch senator and a former editor of a Catholic newspaper. It discussed the age of sexual consent and whether all sex between young people and adults is necessarily unwanted and harmful, based on what it said was objective research with young people.

The book does not endorse or excuse sexual relationships with young people that involve coercion, manipulation or damage. The authors queried, among other things, the balance between giving young people sexual rights and protecting them against abuse. These are entirely legitimate issues to discuss.”

Leaving aside the irony (probably lost on humorless Tatchell) about his using a “former editor of a Catholic newspaper” as a guarantor of the morality of a book while he constantly treats the Catholic Church like a den of abusers. The book Dares to Speak, that Tatchell praises so much as an academic achievement, was edited by Joseph Geraci, who was also the editor of Paidika: The Journal of Paedophilia. The book is a collection of articles from the journal.

Before it was quietly removed, this was Wikipedia’s entry for the publication:

Paidika: The Journal of Paedophilia (1987–1995) was a journal published by the Stichting Paidika Foundation whose purpose was to promote the normalization of pedophilia. Its editor was Joseph Geraci and the editorial board included articles by writers Frits Bernard, Edward Brongersma, Vern L. Bullough, and D. H. (Donald) Mader, some of whom campaigned as pro-pedophile activists.

After the normalization of homosexuality, we’ll have the normalization of paedophilia.

Here is Tatchell’s letter to the Guardian dated 26th June 1997 (a few weeks after Labour’s General Election win) which he denied writing when I asked him about it. However I can find no record of a complaint to the Guardian, the Press Complaints Commission or any lawsuit for libel:
Ros Coward (Why Dares to Speak says nothing useful, June 23) thinks it is “shocking” that Gay Men’s Press has published a book, Dares To Speak, which challenges the assumption that all sex involving children and adults is abusive. I think it is courageous. The distinguished psychologists and anthropologists cited in this book deserve to be heard. Offering a rational, informed perspective on sexual relations between younger and older people, they document examples of societies where consenting inter-generational sex is considered normal, beneficial and enjoyable by old and young alike.
Prof Gilbert Herdt points to the Sambia tribe of Papua New Guinea, where all young boys have sex with older warriors as part of their initiation into manhood. Far from being harmed, Prof Herdt says the boys grow up to be happy, well-adjusted husbands and fathers. The positive nature of some child-adult sexual relationships is not confined to non-Western cultures. Several of my friends – gay and straight, male and female – had sex with adults from the ages of nine to 13. None feel they were abused. All say it was their conscious choice and gave them great joy. While it may be impossible to condone paedophilia, it is time society acknowledged the truth that not all sex involving children is unwanted,abusive and harmful.
Peter Tatchell.
 Picture 9
Peter Tatchell has repeatedly denied writing the letter above. However below is his reply in the Guardian (1st July 1997) to criticism of his original letter. In his second letter (below) he never denies writing the first letter (above) or claims he was edited in any way.
Peter Tachell's second letter to the Guardian on 1st July 1997.

Peter Tachell’s second letter to the Guardian on 1st July 1997.

Peter Tatchell has often claimed he lives a monk-like existence living on a mere £9,000 income per annum. When I challenged him on this he changed his claim to £29,000 plus expenses. However he has refused to disclose his payments for his numerous main stream media appearances or disclose how much his yearly expenses are.
Peter Tatchell in his Council flat.

Peter Tatchell in his Bermondsey Council flat.

Peter Tatchell has declined to be interviewed for this article, however I will leave him the option of the right of reply in the comments section.



Tachell was also a major player in legalising homopaedo marriage and adoption.

37 thoughts on “Is Peter Tatchell A Paedophile Or Simply Misunderstood?

    • Which part of the article are you disputing?
      I will happily see Peter Tatchell in a libel court as there are a lot of questions I would love to put to him on oath.
      I asked him for an interview for this article which he declined, however he has an unlimited right of reply in the comments section.
      Why do you feel the need for swearing to make your point? It makes your arguments look weak.

    • Are you a nonce like tatchell?
      If not how can you defend this dead eyed scumbag?
      But I’ll tell you now son when you get caught and go to jail,you’ll get what’s coming to you make no mistake,and don’t think for one minute the warders will be able,or even be inclined to help you a lot of them will be parents themselves.

      Prisoners know exactly how to treat nonces.

      • Why don’t you go fuck off you total wankstain on the boxer shorts of life.
        I bet you sit in your room with nothing better to do than harass and attack people who are fighting for a better world. A world where scum filth like you will not exist and be allowed to breath the oxygen that you nick from decent human beings when you open your fat rat infested gob.
        Now go fuck off and talk to one of your tattooed skin head mates you utter cunt.

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  2. “Dares to Speak was an academic book published in 1997, authored by professors, anthropologists, psychologists, sociologists,”

    Freud the Jew fraud (& Jung his student) had a pathalogical hatred of Christians and The Chuch/Christianity.
    “At the University of Vienna, he studied the atheist philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach and carried his atheism into his career as a psychiatrist. Religion for him was simply a “wish fulfillment,” a fairy tale invented by humans to satisfy their needy souls. He called himself a “godless Jew.”

    Here’s the punchline showing up the Mad-Jew with a ‘split psyche’
    His best friend was a Christian Pastor!

    His Talmudist brainwashed, screwed mind set out to get revenge (talMUDist eye-for-an-eye) on Christian West through the Satanic falsity that is psychology (because he was teased by Christian kids as a child)
    (loads are jews trying to anal-yse their own screwed brains)
    IT IS NOT A SCIENCE (you can’t do repeatable outcome experiments!)

    Don’t be taken in by “the White coat” frauds.
    Many 10’s millions of Russia’s 150 million Orthodox Christians genocided by Satanist-Jews were forcibly arrested by squads under falsified (not thinking the correct thing) pretenses and sent for reprogramming & death in the Gulags.

    > Tatc-HELL speaks for itself! Alice
    Last Supper = CH-alice (eat of my body , drink of my blood)
    White “Rabbit” is declension of Rabbi!
    Tea party > “CHAI” symbol = hebrew life (chet + YUD)

    Faux-Jew led Masons love their symbologies – I bet there are loads more reversed words/anagrams/gematria/hidden etymology in there.
    Jews are not super human – they cheat, subvert all our laws, dodgy handshake and backslap their way to the top!

    The Satanist Jews crash the UK Housing/Finance sector every 18 years!
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    “The jews give ‘lucky money’ in MULTIPLES OF 18
    – at Weddings and Bar Mitzvah!

  3. ===================================================
    Cig add this one to appropriate thread or use it to start a new post – you’re welcome!

    Darwin’s Theory
    It has the hand of the Scottish Masons on it – tall tales/ruse!
    Darwins father/grandfather were top Scottish Masons.

    The big givaway is Darwin loved ‘bob’bing about in a ship called “The Beagle”
    As far as I am concerned a Beagle is a dog (G_d occultly reversed)

    A cathedral is meant to be based on an (occultly) upturned ship-hull too!
    Many Apostles were fishermen and “fishers of men”(remember who was a “carpenter” – they built boats/ships)

    If you look at Scottish Mason logo it is a double-headed Eagle
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    Gala-pagos translates to “Tortoise”
    tortoise (n.)
    1550s, altered (perhaps by influence of porpoise) from Middle English tortuse (late 15c.), tortuce (mid-15c.), tortuge (late 14c.), from Medieval Latin tortuca (mid-13c.),
    perhaps from Late Latin tartaruchus
    “of the underworld”

    Tartarus (n.)
    – in Homer and older Greek mythology, the sunless abyss below Hades, from Greek Tartaros, of uncertain origin; “prob. a word of imitative origin, suggestive of something ‘frightful'” [Klein].
    Later in Greek almost synonymous with Hades.(HELL)

    The hidden meaning of Misleading-Mason Darwin’s theory = “HELL”
    – for those stupid enough to believe in my view! (heh heh)

    “ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE” (a Uk tv prog with showing tortoises)
    Scottish grump says “I DON’T believe it!”
    Victor/V for victory/ castle ‘notch’ (crennelation) the groove in an LP/CD etc are well known Masonic Symbols!

    The Elites in England used to ‘brand’ convicts (starving poor) with a V on their backs! (transliteration Y-H-V-H) H+H = rugby/US football posts V_ictory is Grail of “The Rose Bowl”

    Lewis Carroll creating “Dreamworks”
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    White “Rabbit” is declension of Rabbi!
    Tea party > “CHAI” symbol = hebrew life (chet + YUD)

    Faux-Jew led Masons love their symbologies – I bet there are loads more reversed words/anagrams/gematria/hidden etymology in there.
    Jews are not super human – they cheat, subvert all our laws, dodgy handshake and backslap their way to the top!

  4. This is what I said under Tatchell – some Satanist messed with your server as I posted
    > Tatc-HELL speaks for itself! < God's promise of what awaits perhaps?

    Filthy perverts (who fail to keep pervertions behind closed doors) who love to 'Parade' their filth with 'pride' – rubbing it in all our faces!

    Finding out he's a GER (immigrant-alien) too – forgot he was Aussie War dodger.
    “One of the curses on a nation
    THAT ABANDONS YHWH (Deut 28:43)
    – is that “the GER" (hebrew for 'resident Alien'/foreigner) among you shall rise higher and higher, while you shall sink lower and lower.”

    "When illegal aliens have grown so powerful that they have created a double standard that allows them immunity from laws that the rest of us have to obey, we might want to think deeply about what is happening to us, and why.”

    How frikkin' amazingly true in this case. The perverts, blinded lawmakers and immigrants(jews) now make our laws, to screw up White Christians in our own land!

    All the biblical "LUKEWARM" (he was the homo in Porridge) modernist priests have subverted Christianity (the great falling away) & sold out The Nation!


  5. Peter Tatchell has never advocated adults having sex with children. He does not support this. He says adults should NOT have sex with children. He has never advocated the abolition of ages of consent. He has said that if young people of similar ages have sex below the age of 16 they should not be prosecuted, providing they both consent and there is no coercion, manipulation or exploitation. Treating these young people as criminals is wrong. They need counselling, not prosecution. Read here:

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  7. I’ve seen you around DS. I want to talk to you, I have found the peter thatchell connection to the pedos down under we are fighting. Also he’s linked to PIE that was exposed by 60 Minutes Australia yesterday in the Westminster pedophile ring. Leave a comment on the blog on how we should get in contact.

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