Why Do Labour And The Left Hate The British Working Class?

Guest Writer Leo McKinstry

Photos and captions Watt Tyler

Mass immigration is transforming the fabric of our society on an epic scale. Only this week it was revealed that Britain takes in one in five of all the migrants in Europe. In 2011 that represented an astonishing total of 566,000 new arrivals, by far the largest influx anywhere in the EU.

The real impact of change could be even greater, for the official statistics ignore the vast amount of illegal immigration that occurs through our porous borders… The Tory-led coalition might be dealing with the problem ineffectually but the real responsibility for the immigration disaster lies with the last Labour government. Labour ministers embarked on a vast programme of social engineering as British passports, student visas, welfare entitlements and work permits were dished out like confetti.

Jack Straw MP - a pompous Marxist  jew who hates the British Working Class and their values. When he was at his boarding school he bullied a boy in to suicide.

Jack Straw Labour MP – a pompous Marxist jew who hates the British Working Class and their values. When he was at his boarding school he bullied a boy in to suicide.

The superficial justification for this gigantic demographic experiment was that it would boost our economy and the public finances. But that has proved nonsense. Soaring levels of immigration have driven Britain into permanent economic crisis, weighed down by unprecedented debts, falling living standards, mass unemployment and an intolerable burden on our public infrastructure.

In practice mass immigration has amounted to a gross betrayal of the British people, particularly the working class who have borne the brunt of this catastrophically misguided policy. Yet the fashionable metropolitan elitists have developed the contemptible habit of sneering at the British working class while extolling the virtues of diligent migrants. In their politically correct narrative ordinary Britons are portrayed as lazy, feckless, unskilled and greedy in comparison with the heroic, wonderfully cheap new workers from Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia. We are constantly told that we should be grateful to the migrants ‘who do the jobs that the British won’t.’ Among smug self-styled liberals, mass immigration has become a vehicle for explicit snobbery. So the newspaper columnist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, who likes to pose as a champion of progressive thought, grandly dismisses the ‘always wretched and complaining classes’ and claims that ‘tax-paying immigrants past and present keep indolent British scroungers on their couches drinking beer and watching TV.’ Ms Alibhai-Brown would not dream of indulging in such stereotyping of any other social group but this kind of abuse is typical of the self-styled sophisticates.

What is extraordinary is that Labour and the political Left used to see the advancement of working-class rights as their primary duty. But now in their blind adherence to the creed of diversity they have become the brutal enemies of the working classes who find their talents derided and their heritage traduced. Where once the working classes were seen as the backbone of Britain, admired for their patriotism, respectability and solidarity, now those values are turned against them.

Similarly in its zeal to create a multicultural society the Left is determined to wipe out all sense of tradition and national identity. British history had to be ‘revised, rethought and jettisoned’ declared the Labour government’s Committee On The Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain in 2000, while the following year Labour foreign secretary Robin Cook described Britain as nothing more than ‘a gathering of countless different races and communities, the vast majority of which are not indigenous to these islands.’

Robin Cook Labour MP. One of the smug PC crowd.

Robin Cook Labour MP. One of the smug PC crowd.

Cook’s statement was a travesty of the truth. Far from being ‘a nation of immigrants’ as Cook absurdly claimed, Britain was until recently one of the most homogenous nations on earth, one reason why it was so well-ordered and successful. In 1940, when we experienced our finest hour in defeating Nazi tyranny, there were just 238,000 foreigners in Britain, less than half the number of arrivals here in 2011 alone.

It is just as big a lie to pretend that all immigrants are hard-working. People from migrant communities are far more likely than the indigenous population to be unemployed, living in social housing or claiming benefits. According to the Office of National Statistics, the jobless rate for ethnic minority men is twice that for white men, while 80 per cent of Bangladeshi and Pakistani women do not work.

The derision for the working class is just as profoundly misplaced. If they are as useless as elitists pretend then how on earth did they help build one of the greatest nations the world has ever seen? Long before the modern era of mass immigration we had a flourishing NHS, successful industries and globally admired public services.

Tony Blair, a key architect of the drive towards multiculturalism, once said with characteristic pomposity: ‘Let’s leave the past to those who live in it.’ The Britain of the past was a much stronger, more cohesive country before he inflicted such irreversible damage.”

Tony Blair and most of those who staffed his Cabinets and Ministries, along with the majority of the PC Crowd who dominate the UK’s mass media, must be arrested, charged with treason and found guilty.

The worst of these, the Blairs, the Browns, the Harmans, Straws, Mandelsons, Hains and Alibhai-Browns should be executed.


18 thoughts on “Why Do Labour And The Left Hate The British Working Class?

  1. Great piece. Sadly the the British public still choose to blindly vote for the same Lib/Lab/Con traitors. Or choose not to vote at all. The vote is currently all we have and even that fundamental right fought for and paid for by the blood of our forefathers is being corrupted by the third world masses to further their own ends. Soon it will be too late to reverse the damage inflicted on the indiginous population by the Cultral Marxists. There will then be only one option left. I fear that a once proud fighting Nation no longer has the will or spine to excercise that option.
    R.I.P GB.

  2. Ms Alibhai-Brown should try walking around Rugby at 6am and see the amount of people drinking alcohol, I don’t hear a shred of English being spoken either by those imbibing. Actually try walking around Rugby and hearing English spoken, it’s a bigger challenge than you think. My sister works at a Primary School and has kids of 6 who after a year of being there who STILL can’t speak English. When asked about this all MP’s say is “well, you could go and work in Poland without restriction.” Ok pal, if that’s such an attractive proposition, why do the natives seem to run here?

    • This country seems lost but there are more and more people ready to return it to how it should be,forget mps and the rich I seriously think the people have been pushed into fighting back and Britains common man will never lose.

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  4. Well let’s look at the bright side, at least immigrants don’t come over with cannons and rifles and take over the Country, enslave us to work into diamond mines and plantations for them, pillage all our resources and destroy all progress, like we did for over 300 years when conquering 3/4 of the planet.

    It’s no big wonder that the rest of the world now want some of that unimaginable acquired wealth back, which they will never get because it’s by now safely tucked away in the private possessions of the ultra-wealthy and aristocracy, which have been unaccounted for since Thatcher eliminated the Diamond Survey.
    The erosion of culture is lamentable, but it’s being sacrificed by the powers that be in the interest of cheaper labour, a protective measure that keeps the coffers plump, and it is ultimately a trickle down effect of the massively widespread impoverishment below slavery level of 3/4 of the world caused by our aggressive colonial policy, albeit a while back.

    Also, to say that the classic British welfare pramface with 6 kids and a 7 bedroom council house who stays home to smoke up and watch Eastenders does not exist, is just untruth.

  5. tony Blair was a legend in his own mind he was never seen in public with out a flat cap and a pocket full of crisps his wifes wonkie face was to slip past any ticket machine to travel free on any train I heard him say no more boom and bust he was right new labour just gave us bust he’s killed more people in middle east and should hang for it he’s made a fortune now labour hate the working class best joke when he was made peace envoy in middle east best way get that job seems to be to bomb them then arm nut cases well done tony second only to Hitler looks like no EU job for you

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