Former Greek Justice Minister: Golden Dawn Assault was Ordered by International Jewry

By American Guest Writer Andrew Anglin
Appearing on Skai television, former Greek Justice Minister Roupakiotis claimed that pressure from international Jewry was responsible for the Golden Dawn arrests.

Appearing on Skai television, former Greek Justice Minister Roupakiotis claimed that pressure from international Jewry was behind for the Golden Dawn arrests.

Former Greek Justice Minister Antonis Roupakiotis has admitted that the illegal assault on the democratically elected leadership of the Golden Dawn was a conspiracy ordered by Jewish powers operating from the United States and the European Union.

“Jewish-American and Greek-American organizations were coming to Greece and pressured for Golden Dawn. Obviously they played a role in developments. Obviously the prime minister had to tell them something,” the former minister revealed in an interview with Skai media.

What Roupakiotis is saying here is that the illegal crackdown on the party was purposefully staged before the Prime Minister’s visit to America, where he was greeted and congratulated by American Jewish powers.

“We’re undertaking the EU presidency starting in January and there was pressure from the Commission to do something about Golden Dawn. Commissioners Nils Muižnieks and Cecilia Maelstrom noted that we had not tendered a single law,” Roupakiotis continued.

He is here referring to the “anti-racist” legislation that the Greek government is being pressured to adopt as a means of combating the unapologetically antisemitic, anti-immigration Popular Nationalist Party, but which the government has thus far been unsuccessful in ramming through.

Roupakitotis concluded that “the arrests were dictated by foreign powers and were unconstitutional.”

The good guys.

These are the good guys from Golden Dawn.

Just to note the obvious, this situation speaks not only to the issue of the persecution of the Golden Dawn, but the core basis upon which this allegedly democratic globalist order functions – rather than allowing a people to govern themselves, the international system seeks to enforce the will of a centralized, largely Jewish, minority on the entire Western world.

The Golden Dawn stands for freedom and justice, and it would be difficult for it to become any more obvious that their opposition, the Jewish-run international financial establishment, represents the exact opposite.

Truly, it is hard to visualize a more idealized melodrama of the confrontation of the forces of light and goodness standing up against the forces of darkness and evil than we see here in the battle of the Golden Dawn verses international Jewry.

Hail Victory.

Golden Dawn Leader and Greek National Hero arrested.

Golden Dawn Leader and Greek National Hero Nikos Michaloliakos arrested.

One thought on “Former Greek Justice Minister: Golden Dawn Assault was Ordered by International Jewry

  1. How about this.

    Goldman Sachs satanists are the swine who undermined and have broken the back of Greece.

    (JP Morgan Satanists did similar in Spain)
    Both lent corrupt politicians (of both countries) huge sums they knew they couldn’t pay back without putting millions into usury poverty and misery.

    Greece stood out, has been decimated & under particularly vindictive attack &  I always wondered why in back of my mind

    I think I found the answer the other day!
    Snip ————————————————————————————
    A condensed and edited version of an interview with Greek Holocaust denier Konstantinos Plevris, the first Holocaust denier in history to be tried in a court of law and found ‘Not Guilty’ — much to the anger and alarm of organized Jewry.

    Konstaninos Plevris, author of “The Jews: The Whole Truth”, was initially found guilty of inciting racial hatred against Jews in December 2007, this verdict being based entirely on outspoken quotations found in the above-mentioned 1400-page book.

    Thus Plevris described Joseph Goebbels as “one of the brightest minds of the century, a philosopher with a deep understanding of mass psychology”. He called ZYKLON B gas “merely a poisonous gas used to fumigate the concentration camps … extensively publicized as the gas used to put Jews to death in special gas chambers which have not been found.” Finally, Plevris’s praise of Adolf Hitler was not appreciated by the Jews who regard Hitler as the most evil man in history—second only in infamy to Jesus Christ, of course, who is now being burned in hot excrement in hell according to the Talmud. “The tragic leader of the German Third Reich is certainly the most impressive leadership figure of the modern age,” Plevris enthuses about Hitler, adding ruefully, “He could have rid Europe of the Jews, but he did not.”

    Other complaints against Plevris is that he subscribed to “the myth of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” that he characterized Jewish children in the concentration camps as “very fat and well-fed”, and that he regarded Jews as “mortal enemies” and as “subhuman”. (See here)

    Plevris appealed the court ruling, and on the 27th of March 2009 the court of appeals overturned all charges against him. His complete exoneration by the most distinguished legal brains in Greek jurisprudence was to prompt angry charges from Jewish sources that there had been a “miscarriage of justice”.

    Now I follow finance from a distance and the EU-satanist rip-off of our countries finances.
    Remember that date he was found “not guilty” [27th March 2009]

    now read this
    “Greece kicked off the crisis in Dec 2009 by admitting its budget deficit would be . . . .”

    (Goldman Sachs started calling in massive repayments with usury interest on the gilts. The yids got all the richer countries to cough up 10’s Billions to bail Greece out for the first time plus insisted on an economy ruining payback scheme
    They did exactly the same thing in Argentina and other South American countries in previous decade, starving thousands to death.
    (Getting wise to this, countries told them to go to hell and defaulted on their debts!)

    Now in the EU we dont have individual countries making descisions on payback. Unelected, faceless parasites suck Trillions out of Europe’s Taxpayer.

    That’s how the Jew enforces and oversees their usury demands! There is no question of default (so far) like in Sarf America!

    This post/find probably needs a thread of its own as (I think) it is very important stuff!

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