Is The British Royal Family Secretly Jewish?

The long term goal of multiculturalism is the genocide of White Nations to be replaced by a 99% coffee coloured, dumbed down, debt-slave race to serve a 1% jewish master race.

If the British Royal Family aren't jewish then how would they fit in to the New World Order?

If the British Royal Family aren’t jewish then how would they fit in to the New World Order?

Bearing this in mind, would  the British Royal Family really go along with the multicultural genocide of their own People if they aren’t jewish themselves? If the Royal Family aren’t jewish what role will they have in the multicultural rainbow Utopia of the future?

The British Royal Family. Do you really know whether they are White or jewish?

The British Royal Family. Do you really know whether they are White or jewish?

There have been widespread rumours since George 1 ( coronation 1714 ) that the British Royal Family are secretly jewish.
In 1694 the Bank of England was created giving control of the British money supply to several jewish banking families.
Seven years later in 1701 the Bevis Marks Synagogue was established in the City of London by the Bank of England.

The Bevis Marks synagogue in the City of London.

The Bevis Marks synagogue in the City of London.

In 1714 the Hanoverian Royal Family were invited by the City of London to be the British Royal Family , the Hanoverian Royal Family later changed their family name to Windsor.
The Hanoverian Royal Family were originally a jewish family that claimed to have converted to Christianity in the 15th Century.
The Sovereign Bible that all British Kings and Queens use at their Coronation has been in Hebrew since 1714.
All British Monarchs have to attend secret ceremonies at the Bevis Marks Synagogue (established 1701) in the City of London the night before their Coronation , these ceremonies are always attended by Britains’ senior jews and bankers.

Renée and Naim Dangoor in conversation with Prince Charles in 2001 at the Bevis Marks synagogue.

Renée and Naim Dangoor in conversation with Prince Charles in 2001 at the Bevis Marks synagogue.

Queen Victoria always claimed to be a direct descendent of jewish King David. Several items in the Crown Jewels are engraved with the Star of David.
In all Royal Palaces and other premises both Saturday and Sunday are treated equally as the Sabbath Day.
The Prince of Wales, Charles, was circumcised by Rabbi Jacob Snowman M.D, at the time the leading mohel in London and the circumciser to the Royal Family. This has long been a source of pride within the British jewish community.Rabbi Jacob Snowman M.D has only ever circumcised jewish patients.
All British Kings have been circumcised by jewish Doctors since 1714.

Jewish circumcision equipment.

Jewish circumcision equipment.

Prince Charles has his own blue velvet kippa with a royal crest on it in silver to wear at jewish weddings , he also has other jewish regalia the exact purpose of which is not known.
At ALL synagogues in the UK two daily prayers are always held, one for the Royal Family and one for the State of Israel.
Princess Diana’s mother, Frances Shand Kydd, was jewish — born Frances Ruth Burke Roche, a Rothschild.

Frances Shand Kydd - the jewish mother of Princess Diana.

Frances Shand Kydd – the jewish mother of Princess Diana.

That is sufficient for Princess Diana to be certified as jewish, as well as her son, Prince William, the future King of England. This also makes Prince Harry jewish , it is believed his appearance in a Nazi uniform at a party in January 2005 was his confused reaction to realising he was jewish.

Prince Harry has firmly rejected his jewish roots.

Prince Harry has firmly rejected his jewish roots.

Princess Kate’s mother, Carole Goldsmith (maiden name ) is the daughter of Ronald Goldsmith and Dorothy Harrison who were both jewish. That makes Carole Goldsmith jewish and, according to jewish law, her daughter Princess Kate Middleton would also be jewish.
Bearing this in mind that would make Prince William and Princess Kate’s  baby boy Prince George born on 23rd July 2013 jewish as well.

Princess Kate, Prince William and Prince George. Are they kosher?

Princess Kate, Prince William and Prince George. Are they kosher?

The Queen and her cousin Anthony Blunt. Blunt claimed the Royal Family were secretly jewish.

The Queen and her cousin Anthony Blunt. Blunt claimed the Royal Family were secretly jewish.

Articles on the British Royal Family being secretly jewish:

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  3. Just to add to your Royal Famiy of Jews. The Prince was born at 4am on a Jewish full moon. Jews measure dates/festivals and times by counting full moons
    (think E.T. – symbolism of a cycle in front of full moon by jew director Spielburgh) which is at root of their culture.
    The masons also stick to meetings around the full moon (cos they are secretly run at top echelons by the Jews (who are not Jews as described in Bible). They are Pagan/Babylonian Talmudists who hate Christ, Deny Christ and wish to exterminate Christians mislead by their devilish Anti-Christ Rabbids.)

    Look how Jews/bankers overtook/infiltrated Russia,
    They wiped out Tsar family cos they refused Jew banking aka Rothschilds. Lennin,(died of Syphilis) Stalin (a 5ft ,paranoid frenic who exterminated(daleks) the psychologist who diagnosed him) Gulag Camp commanders etc
    – were all Jews who have wiped out 150 million Orthodox Christians in 100 yrs.
    When the White army surrendered and came to hand in their weapons the bastards shot every single one in cold blood – just so you know what you are dealing with!
    Why the Christian yanks give up their weapons at their peril.
    100yrs later most of Russia wealth has been plundered by the Oligarchs, Billionaires and Trillionaires, nearly all Jewish Gangsters!
    They are now concentrating on Europe – Goldman Sachs/J Morgan plants in every country dictating Austerity for the commoner whilst subverting all our laws to extract maximum wealth for top 1%.
    It was Golman Sachs stooges who persuaded Greek and Spanish bent political elites to borrow billions they couldnt afford. When the interest free period stopped and the demanded repayment of the loans with interest it bust those countries! All other richer nations have been obliged to bail them out using this scam. Jews Cameron/Osborne handed over £18Billion on last demand from Europe – billions handed out before as they go about the decimation of the UK!

    Yiddish for ‘Christian’ is min or minim
    Min-ute Man in US Silos operated with false Jews on the push buttons aimed at mainly Christian Orthodox countries!
    Note how the fekkers get mainly Christian Soldiers from Christian countries to fight their dirty wars!
    First and Second WWars were all about Christians stirred up to fight Christians by Jews.
    WW1 was started by a Jewish assassin killing Ferdinand and his Mrs (aided by his Jewish driver who conveniently halted his car right in front of the assassin) Serbia/Balkans area is known as “Jerusalem of Europe” Look at all the Genocides/dictatorships kicked off in that area!
    Stalin, Hitler, Churchill, Roosevelt etc were ALL jews or part jewish.
    Jewboy Churchill forced the Germans into conflict/retaliation with the UK by sending in 3 bombers to bomb “Freiburgh”

    In “plain sight” Fe-MIN-ism
    All the main Feminist Cult leaders are Jews such as Greer – leading and brainwashing Western, White Christian wim-MIN into anti-Biblical teaching/practises leading to unprecidented, mass-divorce in Western Culture and subverting millions of Western kids who grow up in single unstable families.
    Another way they crush our White Christian Culture which these Satanist Babylonian/Talmudists(mud = feet of clay? marl-borough skool where loads of elites attend) see has a major threat to themselves and their glorious Aske-NAZI Global Domination
    Even Welby is a false Christian antichrist
    – says he only recently found out about his “Jewish parentage” (same excuse given by Prof Germ Greer and others)

    • personale,i beleive that ww1 was started to cover up the jewishq ritual murder comitrës by bellis in russia. a crime that reverberatedw round the world. they got found out,ferdinand assassination was just a smokescreen to cover their asses in jesus i trust

  4. Hello! I could have sworn I’ve been to this site before but
    after going through a few of the articles I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyhow, I’m certainly happy I stumbled upon it and I’ll be bookmarking it
    and checking back regularly!

  5. The King or Queen of England has no real constitutional power any more, thank God. Our true sovereign is the law of England, this was settled hundreds of years ago. No one can be King or Queen of England without making a coronation oath to enforce the laws of England by their office. The law becomes His or Her Royal Majesty and all the Crown servants must administer the law correctly, otherwise it is an act of treason. It is still an act of treason to obey the orders of the King or Queen against the law. This is all you need to know

    • You are either the dumbest person on the globe or a plant. The Queen of England has the power, and has used it, to over rule/cancel any law passed by England’s parliament. Therefore she can claim to meet her obligation by negating any law passed she doesn’t like and the complying with those she does like. What a twit.

  6. This would certainly help explain the lengths the british were prepared to go to over national socialism,Churchills vehement hatred of all germans was pathological. Hitler never could come to terms with why England would not just coexist with germany.

    • Agreed, and, who financed the alcy traitor?
      D. Irvings story of the turnabout to London once he realised that Coventry and not the capital was that nights target did it for me – `let them come`, he was heard muttering over a whiskey on the roof of number 10:; just as every replacement since – a gutless, greedy, selfish traitor who saw the working class as just above cattle on the IQ scale and a band who had necessarily to be duped on a daily basis.
      Targets :

      mud brown mongrelized poor on global scale
      controlled and manipulated from occupied Palestine

  7. The real importance of ascenedency of Napoleon is it was he who unleashed the Babylonian/Talmudic luciferic scum on Christian Europe. The Germ (remember afghan concept of djinn = a demon) were finally unleashed on Christian Western Europe they have been subverting, causing wars between Christian Brothers, mass extermination of of 100’s millions of Christian Whites by lucifer-inspired faux-Jews.
    Napoleons war was bankrolled by Jews. When he realised they were manipulating him, he lost the war because tey withdrew funding when he refused to do s he was told by the Jews.

    “The ascendancy of Napoleon Bonaparte proved to be an important event in European Jewish emancipation from old laws restricting them to ghettos”
    But he did declare France the “Homeland of the Jews”.

    No, seriously, he did. But don’t take our word for it. Let him speak for himself.

    “My primary desire was to liberate the Jews and make them full citizens. I wanted to confer upon them all the legal rights of equality, liberty and fraternity as was enjoyed by the Catholics and Protestants. It is my wish that the Jews be treated like brothers as if we were all part of Judaism.”

    Hooray! Way to go, Little Corporal! Vive le France! Vive Napoleon!

    But… why would he, after centuries of oppression, give Jews such freedoms? Did he have a secret Jewish ancestry? Maybe those bagels and lox did make it to his breakfast table?

    The answer is simpler than that. And we’ll let him speak again.

    “As an added benefit, I thought that this would bring to France many riches because the Jews are numerous…”

    On either side of politics (as in the UK) the choice is no difference it is JEW such is how they have penetrated and subverted our countries all overlorded by their usurus bankers in the background! France = Hollande-Sarkovsky. Germany = Merkel, UK Cameron Osbourne vs Miliband + Straw Cable Balls Clarke Hodge/oppenheimer Cooper
    All grandiosing whilst running our people and country into the ground for the illuminati.

    Another thing to think about
    Now you know the little industrious Yids, a tiny minority amoungst our population – within 100 years had Billions of pounds of Artwork collections, alone, in their communities. They tell us everyday at present Nazis stole from them!
    They tell us all the time as the oppressed little jews who had their riches stolen from them
    – but from Ghetto to Billions ££££’s in a Hundred Years?

    How did these subverting crafty thieves take so much from the peoples of Europe in the first place?

    Who are the REAL oppressed who dont realise they have been had and have constant Jew propaganda shoved down their throats by Jew owned media and press!
    The greedy grabbing Yids have shot themselves in the foot with this one – unravelled by a free thinker! Back to the ghettos or throw them out to Israel?

  8. Couple of other facts
    Nappi was called the Little Corporal
    Adolph was known as “The corporal”
    The 1914 WW1 started Exactly 100 yrs after Waterloo
    Then there is that fixture on another “Corporal”
    – Jones in UK tv’s “Dads Army”

    Just one of the deceptions of “I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the Synagogue of Satan”
    read this how they morph into the West (like klingon parasites)

    “Behold, I will make them of the Synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie: behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.”
    Revelation 3:9
    No other peoples in the World are picked out in the Bible and the finger pointed straight at them, other than the disobedient, Stateless, Faux – Jews!

  9. I worked out the Corp-oral bit for you!

    “Masonry early comprehended this Truth, and recognized its own enlarged duties. Its symbols then came to have a wider meaning; but it also assumed the mask of Stone-masonry, and borrowed its working-tools, and so was supplied with new and apt symbols.
    Masons shit stirred & aided in bringing about the French Revolution for their own means furthering the NWO, disappeared with the Girondists, was born again with the restoration of order, and sustained Napoleon, because, though Emperor, he acknowledged the right of the people to select its rulers, and was at the head of a nation refusing to receive back its old kings.
    He pleaded, with sabre, musket, and cannon, the great cause of the People against Royalty, the right of the French people even to make a Corsican General their Emperor, if it pleased them.”
    From this Albert Pike, Talmudist Jew, based Marxist propaganda filth (the Jews went on to murder the Russian Tzar and family) The Jew oligarchs have genocided 150 million Russian Orthodox and stolen Trillions from the Russian peoples over 100 years
    The etymology of Napoleon’s “Corsica” (Corse(fr)) is ‘corse’ which meant ‘corpse’ – The corp-oral!!!!
    The system of philosophy taught by the Jewish Rabbis subsequent to the dispersion, which is engaged in mystical explanations of the oral law. With the reveries of the Jewish teachers was mingled the Egyptian, the Arabic, and the Grecian doctrines.
    From the Egyptians, especially, Rabbinism derived its allegorical and symbolic mode of instruction. Out of it sprang the Therapeutists and the Essenian9; and it gave rise to the composition of the Talmud, many of whose legends have been incorporated into the mythical philosophy of Speculative Freemasonry. This it is that makes Rabbinism an interesting subject of research to the Masonic student.

    Literally, My Master, equivalent to the pure Hebrew, Adoni.
    As a significant word in the advanced Degrees, it has been translated a most Excellent Master, and its usage by the later Jews will justify that interpretation.
    Buxtorf (Talt mudic Lexicon) tells us that about the time of Christ this title arose in the School of Hillel, and was given to only seven of their wise men who were preeminent for their learning.”
    With Masonic (JEW led) subvertion and help he certainly created millions of corpses – Christians vs Christians corpses stirred up by Talmudist Jew filth!
    The reason why they go on and on about Napoleon is he released the Jews throughout Europe from being confined to Ghettos, the Babylonian Talmudist supremicists among them soon started subverting, extorting, taking over, the countries they were let loose in again!
    Napoleon Bonaparte famously said: ”Alexander, Caesar, Charlemagne, and I myself have founded great empires… upon force. Jesus alone founded His empire upon love, and to this day millions will die for Him…. In defiance of time and space, the soul of man, with all its powers and faculties, becomes an annexation to the empire of Christ.”
    Jew Gematria No 24 = 6 The number of a man (six hundred six score + 6)
    24 > body; corpse; the name of the lowest soul in Qabalah (for Malkut)

    Boney – from Corsica
    ‘Corse’ old word for ‘corpse’ (pun in the French dvd ‘Monsieur N’ Napoleon film by Mason Antoine de Caunes.
    They dig his body up,(Cors(e) of The Corsican) right at beginning of film!
    etc etc)
    “Mirror – Jew Hollande lurrve nest linked to flat owned by Corsican Mafia”
    invaded Russia with his G_rande A_rmée on June 24, 1812. = June + 2+4 66 + Masonic ‘GA’
    He was promoted to brigadier general at the age of 24

    Just for larfs (in the daily mirror and elsewhere)
    “Mirror – Hollande lurrve nest linked to flat owned by Corsican Mafia”
    And today, French website Mediapart has reported that the flat used for the suggested romantic liaisons Of Jew President Hollande is linked to Corsican Mafia figures.
    It reported that the name on the lease for the flat is Michael Ferracci, who has been convicted in connection with a money laundering inquiry.
    It added that Ms Gayet (Note the Masonic GA in her name) had been loaned the apartment by friend Emmanuelle Hauck, who was at one time married to Farracci.
    I bet they have forcefully drugged his partner, Valerie to stop her from blabbing about his other indisgretions too!

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    • The rape of our country comes from the highest levels, I cannot believe the Queen would have signed treaties that have given away our sovereignty, opened our borders to the rest of the world and allowed our nation to be fragmented, ghettoized and destroyed unless she were involved with those at the very top organizing it……. NOTHING ELSE MAKES ANY SENSE. The Nationalist enemy is extremely formidable..

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  16. Shalom; I have a dilema on my hands; I read from Genesis the Tribes were from a patriarchal system. I read the “Jews” have adopted the “matriarchal” system.

    I understand the Brithish “Royal” have lineage to David, Jacob, Isaac and Abraham viz a Patriarchal genealogy.

    It is my understanding Judah George Windsor alias; KING GEORGE THE SIXTH gave the Promised Land in order to create the “Jewish” state in 1948 during the 4 Blood Moon Tetrads falling on Passover and Sukkoth.

    If “Judah” and “Jew” were one in the same, who did Judah (George) give up the Promised Land to; to “Jews” or to “Judah”? It is obvious to me if “Jew” and “Judah” were synonomous it would stand t’reason Judah George would have, on its own initiative, created the Judahaic state and NOT transfer the Promised Land to the Cana’anite Vatican curia and its council of Cana’anites! From my research it was Judah whom Yahua order to sack Fortress Zion and failed. Then Yahua ordered David to sack Fortress Zion, which he did, by accessing the fortress through the stream running into the fortress. Also, Fortress Zion was held by the Jebusites who were of Cana’an. I understand Jacob cheated Esau out of his birthright leaving Esau high and dry. I also understand Esau gravetated to the Cana’anites as; 1. he was seeking a treaty with Cana’an as he had killed the first “Free”mason; Nimrod and the Hivites (money masters then/now) held vast riches. I have read Genesis 36 wherein the sons of Esau-Edom were called “Dukes” whilst Israelite men were known as; “Princes”. We also know the union of the sons of Isaac can be found hidden in the titles Lizzy Windsor, chief of the Tribe of Judah, gives i. e. her husband is PRINCE Philip as well the DUKE of Edinburgh. Bearing this in mind, the patriarch of Cana’an would be Satan therefore, in order to hide this fact, Cana’an diverted to the matriarchal system. I believe the State of ISRAEL is a Cana’anite state and a “give back” to Cana’an, by Judah, for the sacking of Fortress Zion thousands of years ago. I also believe Esau-Edom misnamed himself “Jew” in order to deceive many (JUST LIKE DEAR OLD MOM AND BROTHER DID TO ISAAC) into believing “Jew” and “Judah” are one in the same. I also believe the state of ISRAEL is going to be used to induce as many remnants of Israel there in so it will be destroyed by Iran as a “pay back” to the Tribes of Israel for the cheating Jacob and Rebekah did to Esau. From Genesis I found Esau to be a great hunter and did what was asked of him by Isaac and feel for him for being “jewed” or “jacobbed” out of his birthright and blessings. Clearly, under Hebrew Law, this was a fraud! Before I shoot myself in the foot, whilst in my mouth, it would be appreciated if you can refute what I have just written. Thank you for the time you spend on reading this note. Best regards; Patrick

  17. This is exactly why I am a republican and proud. Its a pity Scotland did not vote for independence because if they did the royal family would be squeeling. I detest them with passion.

    • well i wonder why people go on about this false “independence” even if they would have voted for it, scotland would have still been in the commonwealth and thus under the queens rule… dont know why everyone jumping on the emotion of william wallace movies lol

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  20. Sad that so many ‘patriots’ love the Jews and are happy to do their filthy work, eg genociding the Muslims the only ones seriously opposing the Jew World Order.

  21. The rape of our country comes from the highest levels, I cannot believe the Queen would have signed treaties that have given away our sovereignty, opened our borders to the rest of the world and allowed our nation to be fragmented, ghettoized and destroyed unless she were involved with those at the very top organizing it……. NOTHING ELSE MAKES ANY SENSE. The Nationalist enemy is extremely formidable.

  22. I’m an illegite Packer. My real grandfather was Sir Frank Packer(knighted by the Queen). He paid off my Irish (Serfadi) Catholic relatives off! My father and aunt were Sir Frank’s kids. My brother and I and my cousins were dyslexic just like KP and his son Jamie. The Packers were of Ashkenazic Dutch Jewish origens and inter-married with the British Aristocrats (the British aristocrats were problem gamblers, they needed the Jewish money and the Jews needed the Protestant Titles). My half uncle KP was good friends with the Queen herself. I’m also tall and have fair skin and also have porphyria traits and a crook heart, (just like my late uncle KP). King George the 3rd had advanced porphyria. It is linked to metabolic genetic (reptilian bloodline) inter-breeding . Just look at Arizona Wilder’s videos and you’ll see what I mean. You are getting this from the horse’s mouth here. My late father was also approached(when he was younger) by the Freemasons and invited to join, but my father was frightened of his ‘crazy’ Irish & Italian American , devout Catholic mother’s reaction, if he did join the masons.My brother and I were also good friends with a European man called Peter, whom was a Stuart (Scottish Catholic Nobility) and made no bones of being related to the British Royal Family and referred to Prince Charles as ‘cousin Charlie’. Peter(like George III) had also advanced porphyria, worse than I’ve got!

  23. I also forgot my ‘real’ grandfather re-married a classy French lady by the name of Madamme Porges (sounds Portuguese Sephardic?), whose mother was a Russian Ashkenazic Jewess by the name of Brodsky ( I recall), after KP’s real mother died young in the 1950’s. So that alone proves a Jewish ‘connection’ with the Packer family. Also Packer in Yiddish means ‘wholesaler’. Also my ‘cousin’ Jamie Packer has recently taken out Israeli citizenship and lives next door to Israeli PM, Ben Netanyahu (whatever his stupid name is), how more Zionist can you get? And Jamie’s last 2 wives were Jewish too, Kate Fisher (Ashkenazic like James) and Jodhi Meares (Portuguese Marrano). Well I can’t talk, I’m half Jewish too! “It takes one to know one!”

  24. “Is The British Royal Family Secretly Jewish?” This is like asking, “Do bears crap in the forest ?”

  25. I am astonished, I never heard it before. I found this site via dailystormer. The Royals jewish, that means for me the jews are still much more powerful than I thought.

  26. I remember the photo showing Prince Charles among Jews in a newspaper. But the Prince there had a jewish cap on. Has the photo been retouched or am I mistaken?

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  28. Harry wasn’t confused. The AshkeNazi Jews ARE the Nazis. Royal family members were in the SS just as Prince Bernhard was. There is even a video on JewTube showing Elizabeth being taught the Nazi salute. The top Nazis like Eichmann were straight up crypto-Jews. Hitler was a Rothschild and funded by Rothschild and Warburg. The Haavara Agreement was a mutually profitable business venture between the Nazis and the Zionists. Whole volumes are being written on this subject and will continue until the goyim get their heads out of their asses and get educated.

  29. Pretty obvious isn`t it – Victoria claiming the roots, the head rabbi circumcizing all royal males,
    Cromelll bringing the as before unknown House of Orange ,beheading the last true line, hence the BofE, Disraeli ridding the Commons acceptance procedure of the Bible for a Rothschild, ,whose grandfather , perhaps great, cornered the financial markets in England post Napoleonics and basically bought Britain out; lock , stock and barrell..
    The stories are far too thick and realistic to be the rantings of opiate tokers around the chestnut sellers burner.
    Cooor, nice chestnut and a toke would be nice !!!

  30. They are Esau’s seed, Edom, they are decendant of herod 1 The Edomite King of judea. In the apocrypha book kjv bible , 2 ezdras said, Edom is the end of the world… so they are the sinagog of satan.

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