Who The Fuck Is Chris Spivey? Written by Matt Taylor

If you haven’t heard of Christopher D Spivey, well I don’t blame you. He’s the up and coming voice of the alternative media.
Chris Spivey [pronounced Spy-Vee] first hit the head lines as a feature writer for the Sovereign Independent Newspaper. He’s a tattoo artist and body piercer, a single father [whose 18 year old daughter has recently given birth to a healthy baby boy] and the man most likely to trigger a British revolution.
I first heard of him via Facebook in 2012, after the Jimmy Savile scandal broke. As far as I can gather he’s just a normal guy from Rochford in Essex. He’s got two Rottweiler dogs and he’s built like a brick-shit-house. He raised his daughter alone since she was 6 months old, and by all accounts he’s a loving father who cares about the world around him.
Like the vast majority of the population, I got my news from such places as BBC, Sky, Channel Four and ITV news programmes. I used to pride myself on having a comprehensive understanding of the world around me by investing in the 45 minutes of Newsnight and the hour of Channel Four news everyday. It was only when I got a Sky box that I discovered other news channels such as Press TV, RT and the news channels from India, France and China. Slowly but surely I found myself watching these channels in favour of the old, finding them more informative and balanced. Surprisingly, I got really upset when Press TV [the Iranian news channel] was taken off the airwaves by Ofcom.
I soon came to realise there was a choice in the type of news you could get. Either the mainstream [MSM] namely BBC, Sky, ITV or the alternative [AV] which is made up of a diverse set of blogs, newspapers, websites and programmes screened on obscure TV channels such as Showcase TV, Edge Media TV and Paradigm Shift TV.
Chris Spivey’s articles stuck out as a high-light and my view of the world has been changed irreversibly ever since.
I was once a Royal Military Policeman who pledged an oath of allegiance to the Queen of England. I joined the Army ready to kill and be killed for my country. Kill and be killed on behalf of who I thought then was a great and illustrious Queen.
But reading Monsters Inc by Chris Spivey [the first article which I read of his] I now consider our great and illustrious Queen Elizabeth II to be a monster, a charlatan and an immoral person. Chris Spivey would describe her differently, maybe as a ‘cunt and a slut’ but that’s just how he talks, ‘Don’t cha know’.
Now, I have been called naive before but I’ve never really agreed with that description. I like to think of myself as an intelligence free thinking individual who takes people at face value and who is willing to listen to what anyone says with an open mind.
If someone tells me they’ve seen a UFO, I’ll believe them until such time it’s proven that they’ve lied. If someone says they’ve seen a sex video of the London Mayor Boris Johnson having rampant sex with Samantha Cameron, the Prime Minister’s wife, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt until such time I’ve seen the tape myself or when they’ve been exposed as a liar. I like people and take people at face value until such time they have been exposed as frauds or liars.
I’ve read books recommended by Chris Spivey such as The Falsification of History by John Hamer which totally threw me of kilter and which I’m still recovering from. But I’ve also read other books which he doesn’t recommend about the subjects he covers, to get a balanced view. Many personalities in the alternative media ask the reader never to take them at face value and to do their own research on the subjects they cover.
The reason I’ve taken Chris Spivey’s articles on board is because they are well crafted, articulated, researched and written. Another major factor is that I like them. He injects humour, personality and passion into every piece. If any of you have read his articles you know he swears like a trooper and if you haven’t yet, you’ll be shocked by the language he uses. Then there are his pictures he accompanies with his articles. You have to see them to appreciate their artistic value. But I understand why he uses such language and images. Number one, he’s real and doesn’t hold his punches and number two, he’s pissed off and angry with the status quo.
Make no mistake, Chris Spivey is writing and circulating articles with libellous accusations. Quite frankly I am shocked with everything he comes out with. And that is only because I believed the MSM to be the authority on news and that if it wasn’t reported by the BBC then it wasn’t true. The AV has changed all that.
Okay, let’s get down to the nitty gritty…. WHO THE FUCK IS SPIVEY?
This man writes well crafted and researched articles which tell, amongst many things:
  1. Tony Blair tried to rape his daughter. [See here for article]
  2. The Royal family are Satanists. [See here for article]
  3. Prince Philip is a paedophile. [See here for article]
  4. That all the Parliamentarians and Lords in the House of Commons are paedophiles. [See here for article]
  5. That Gordon Brown is a paedophile. [See here for article]
  6. That the Woolwich hacking murder was a fake and an acted scenario. [See here for article]
  7. An ex South African terrorist worked for the NSPCC. [See here for article]
  8. That David Cameron may have sacrificed his first born to the Devil. [See here for article]
  9. That Lord Mc Alpine is a nonce [as he likes to call paedophiles]. [See here for article]
  10. and that Madeline McCann is buried under the drive way of Robert Murat. [See here for article]
‘Unbelievable’ wouldn’t you say? How can someone circulate such disgusting accusations and get away with it? Surely this man should be arrested for libel and slander and thrown into a dark dungeon for the next one hundred years…
But no…. Chris Spivey backs up every accusation with well researched and verified public evidence. The proof is there right under the surface and all you have to do is scratch and see for yourself that he’s onto something. He’s got a point… What he says rings true… And the blaring FACT that he hasn’t been thrown in prison says a lot about what he says; namely that the accused daren’t take him to court for libel because what he says is true.
After all, Sally Bercow, the wife of the House of Common’s speaker John Bercow, recently lost her libel case in the High Court for sending a tweet which didn’t specifically accuse Lord Mc Alpine of being a nonce but yet Chris Spivey specifically calls Lord Mc Alpine a nonce in dozens of his articles but yet no lawyer has got in touch.
Giving credit where credit is due he covers a wide spectrum of subject matters. Exclusives are common-place. If it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t have known about former ANC/MK terrorist Heinrich Grosskopt holding and abusing an important position within the NSPCC. If it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t know the true nature of the renowned MP Tom Watson. If it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t have known where Madeline McCann’s body maybe buried. If it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t known a lot of things. Most importantly, if it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t have known that the British Establishment and Royal family is invested with perverts, murderers and Satanists.
He writes about subjects which are important and relevant. He comments on the news of the day and wipes away the cloak of mediocrity to unveil the stark truth and reality of the subject matter. He doesn’t hold punches and lays the facts on the line. He’s fearless of bullies and doesn’t give a hoot about threats from Lords, Kings or Queens. The man is a brick wall of opinion and righteous stance. He fights passionately for the rights of children, the downtrodden and abused. If ever you were in a war, Chris Spivey is the type of guy you’ll want standing next to you.
Chris Spivey seems untouchable… And as a consequence very likely to be the one who triggers a British revolution which will see every MP in the country and Royal family member put in jail for either sex crimes or treason… [Don’t think it hasn’t happened before!]
He seems even more determined than ever to bring the House of Cards crashing to the ground after the birth of his Grandson.
“Young Clay makes me more determined than ever to see the downfall of these wholly corrupt, nonce infested, so called democratic governments. I will not rest till there is real change for the better in this country.
My new little man deserves better. Your children and grandchildren deserve better… Let’s go to war.”
You might think that he hasn’t been pulled up because he’s simply irrelevant. A lone voice in the throng of bloggers and alternative journalists who are epidemic across the internet…
You’ll be wrong. Firstly, I’ve heard of him, and I’m your average Joe-the-public type of guy. I visit his website [www.chrisspivey.co.uk] once a day for any new articles and I’m not alone because 30,000 to 40,000 others do the same everyday too. He’s a prolific blogger who checks the newspapers so we don’t have too. If there is any news worth mentioning, Chris Spivey will bring it to our attention. His following is increasing everyday and it’ll only increase further with his appearances on the radio and up coming festivals.
Chris Spivey is a clear and present danger to the British Establishment and I amongst many, welcome it.
After all I agree totally with his sentiment:
The elites raping our kids and getting away with it. And why?
The quicker the blind cunts who think the likes of us are mad realize that fact, the sooner we can protect our children. Until that time comes, the sick cunts with money and power will keep on and on.
I am so fucking angry at the moment, I would fucking hang the Monsters myself.
Suffice to say Chris Spivey is not going away. I am positive that once EVERYONE embraces the alternative media and switches of the mainstream news, then a British revolution is inevitable.
Chris Spivey has demonstrated through public record and research that our politicians are criminals, paedophiles and murderers. He has demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that the British Royal Family are Satanists, murderers and frauds.
Chris Spivey has proven beyond reasonable doubt that EVERYTHING we are told by the MSM is a lie and that there is an alternative point of view…
Read Chris Spivey at your own risk. Your opinion of the world will never be the same again…
Let’s go to war….

12 thoughts on “Who The Fuck Is Chris Spivey? Written by Matt Taylor

  1. To be fair others have printed claims that Mcalpine is a paedo which is why it was a surprise he sued and won against Sally Bercow. I get the impression from everything I’ve read that everyone in those circles accepted the fact that he was a nonce a bit like Jimmy Saville.

  2. I almost never comment, but i did a few searching and wound up here Who The Fuck Is Chris Spivey?
    Written by Matt Taylor | cigpapers. And I actually do have 2
    questions for you if you do not mind. Could it
    be just me or does it seem like some of these remarks look as if they are left by brain dead folks?
    😛 And, if you are posting at other places, I’d like to follow anything new you have to post.

    Would you make a list of the complete urls of your public
    sites like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?

  3. Chris Spivey is a conman and fraudster – A tiny bit of research will show that his stories are all made up to appeal to the “troof” movement (a movement that hates being told the truth). If you believe he is looking for the truth then leave a comment on his page showing how he has got the story wrong and it won’t be published. Check out the idiot Robert Green (probably the shittest researcher on the planet – google Hollie Greig hoax) who now has the support of Spivey (I pronounce it baldy tw4t fraudster). They are accusing innocent people of being paedophiles when the huge weight of evidence points to Anne greig (Hollie’s mum) as being either mentally unsound or just plain spiteful.
    Spliffy (he must be high to believe all the shit he writes) also supports Belinda McKenzie, a known fraudster and self appointed leader of the “twoof” movement – she stole millions from the mouths of war-torn Iraqi children but for some reason was never prosecuted (“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves” Lenin). The tattooed tit also believes Woolwich never happened even after the trial, even after the cctv showed the car mowing him down, even after all the witnesses gave evidence, even after the culprits admitted their guilt – If you are a member of the “truth” movement and you still believe Woolwich was false flag then you have become indoctrinated into their deception. Same goes for chemtrails (horseshit theory with absolutely no basis in fact), Moon landings hoax (it happened – get over it). Now I’m not saying that some things aren’t hidden from us by the elite but to find out the truth we need better researchers than the current crop of shit that claim to have inside knowledge.
    Trust Spivey at your own peril – be warned says I. Or you could ignore my post and act like the sheeple currently following the “twoof” movement. If you are interested in truth then I’m afraid you need to hear both sides of the story and you won’t get that from the charlatan (or idiot) Spivey.

    • I don’t agree with everything Chris Spivey says just as I’m sure he doesn’t agree with everything I say.
      The way to treat the alternative media is to read a few blogs then make your own mind up – there are a lot of different versions of events out there Gaz.

      • Any one who calls the death of millions in concentration camps wher even nazis admit the truth the holohoax is not worth listening to.

  4. Cigpapers thank you for replying – I was expecting a bit of criticism (or anger) directed at me because whenever I make a view contrary to the “alternative media” I am either banned from further comments or I receive ad hominen attacks. This is from people who espouse love, peace and light! I have become used to the people in the truth movement being extremely hostile and aggressive – I honestly equate them with religious zealots who depend on faith more than evidence. Again I agree with certain things that the alt media say but surely I can argue against what I can see is bullshit.

    So, again Cigpapers, I really would like to thank you for a mature, measured and polite response – I hope you have a great week!

    • No problem Gaz.
      Personally I think Chris Spivey has got it wrong on Woolwich, but we all have our own opinions.
      You’re right that a lot of the alternative media can be hyper-defensive leading to a sort of sociopathic response to their views being questioned.
      I try to take other views on board and examine them while re-examining my own views.

  5. Richard Nixon got impeached because of tapes in the watergate scandel. If the us government can’t cover up successfully a small breakin like that how on earth do they manage the other cover ups?

  6. I went off his articles after he started pasting together two havles of different peoples faces and claiming they were the same person, when clearly they are not. In fact he seems to have had an epidemic of this lately. Now I really do believe he is mentally ill. Some people slip in and out of it, and can pass themselves off as quite normal most of the time. For instance his experience at the hands of social services was all too real and true, and well reported. As for moon landings, there’s no evidence they actually took place, just like there’s no evidence they didn’t. I don’t know either way as I wasn’t in the shuttle or on the moon at the time. There are fors and againsts for each argument there. I won’t believe in UFO’s or little green men until one comes knocking on my door asking the way back to Mars. I also think people who use numbers (10+3 = 13 therefore it’s a conspiracy) or refer to hollywood films as evidence of conspiracies are doing the alternative media no good whatsoever. I think the best place for news is UK Column News (and I even think they have some rather extreme leanings sometimes) but they’re coverage of our corrupt, lying politicians and social services/courts is something everyone in this country should be learning about. One thing is for sure, watching the BBC after months of not doing so makes it startlingly clearly just how false and propagandanised our mainstream media is.

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