The Fabian Society – A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

The Fabian Society – A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

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What Is The Fabian Society?

The Fabians originally were a faux elite group of pseudo-intellectuals who formed a semi-secret society for the purpose of bringing socialism to the world. Whereas Communists wanted to establish socialism through violence and revolution, the Fabians preferred to do it gradually through propaganda, infiltration and legislation. The word socialism was never to be used. Instead, they would always speak of benefits for the people such as pensions, welfare, medical care, higher wages, and better working conditions.

The Fabians have the same goal as the communists just different methods.

The Fabians have the same goal as the communists just different methods.

In this way, they planned to accomplish their objective without bloodshed and even without serious opposition. They scorned the Communists, not because they disliked their goals, but because they disagreed with their methods. To emphasize the importance of gradualism, they adopted the turtle as the symbol of their movement. The three most prominent leaders in the early days were Sidney and Beatrice Webb and George Bernard Shaw. A stained-glass window from the Beatrice Webb House in Surrey, England is especially enlightening. Across the top appears the last line from Omar Khayyam:

Dear love, couldst thou and I with fate conspire
To grasp this sorry scheme of things entire,
Would we not shatter it to bits, and then
Remould it nearer to the heart’s desire!

Fabian Society stained glass window unveiled by Fabian Member Tony Blair in LSE in 2006.

Fabian Society stained glass window unveiled by Fabian Member Tony Blair in LSE library in 2006.

Beneath the line Remould it nearer to the heart’s desire, the mural depicts Shaw and Webb striking the earth with hammers. Across the bottom, the masses kneel in worship of a stack of books advocating the theories of socialism. Thumbing his nose at the docile, gullible masses is H.G. Wells who, after quitting the Fabians, denounced them as “the new machiavellians.” The most revealing component, however, is the Fabian crest which appears Between Shaw and Webb. It is a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

Fabian Society Official Crest is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Fabian Society Official Crest is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

George Bernard Shaw of the Fabian Society called Lenin, the “greatest Fabian of them all”. He formulated and described the Fabian methodology: it used “methods of stealth, intrigue, subversion and the deception of never calling socialism by its right name.”  Even from as early as 1900 the Fabian Society had started infiltrating the Labour Party.

Lenin - described as the greatest Fabian of all time by George Bernard Shaw.

Lenin – described as “The greatest Fabian of them all” by George Bernard Shaw. Lenin infiltrated and hijacked the Russian revolution – the Fabian way. Millions died.

How Do The Fabians Operate Today And Who Funds Them?

The Fabians in Britain now number about 6 to 7,000 members. They come from all walks of life, but the Fabian Society actively seek out Politicians, journalists and anyone else who can help spread their poison. Politicians who operate under Fabian guidance can expect favourable press reports and other political help – opponents or non-members of the Fabians can expect the opposite. The Fabian Society is mostly funded by big business, who use Fabians in politics and journalism, to provide the pinko/socialist cover stories for the PFI Fraud, the Tax Credit Swindle, the Big Windmill Rip Off, illegal zionist wars and other crimes against the British people. Because of their links to big business Fabian journalists are often favoured for employment by the main stream media – who are obviously owned by big business.

Fabian Society members Blair and Miliband get favourable press reports by Fabian journalists.

Fabian Society members Blair and Miliband get favourable press reports by Fabian journalists.

Examples Of The Fabian Society Supporting Big Business Crimes And The Cover Story They Helped Member Tony Blair Provide:

The Fabian Society provide cover stories for big business swindles of the Public.

The Fabian Society provide political cover stories for big business swindles of the Public.

What Is The Long Term Goal Of The Fabian Society?:

As Marxists the Fabian Society are Globalists/multiculturalists. They support the creation of a 1% jewish master-race and a 99% mixed race, or multi racial, dumbed down race of corporate debt-slaves run by Marxist kapos. The Fabian Society were prime movers in shutting down Grammar Schools for Working Class Children in Britain – the cover story for this dumbing down was “anti-elitism”. Most Fabian Society members, like Diane Abbot Labour MP, send their children to expensive private schools. Fabian journalists and politicians have also been behind branding anyone not supporting Globalisation/multiculturalism as racist – this has destroyed many decent British Peoples’ careers and lives.

Fabian Society member and Deputy Labour Party Leader Harriet Harman - the main stream media never mention her links to the Paedophile Information Exchange.

Fabian Society member and Deputy Labour Party Leader Harriet Harman – the main stream media never mention her links to the Paedophile Information Exchange.

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  2. One of the Fabian early mottos was
    “To protect Capitalism from the Working classes”

    Jew ED BALLS got noticed and fast-tracked to the top posts in Labour after his Fabian pamphlet produced at Oxford Uni.

    He has been screwing up Educashun and blitzing the UK into debt by being G.Brown’s “chief financial advisor”

    In reality the zionists pumped Brown full of mind numbing prozac (a major personality changer – remember the printer trashing and throwing mobile phone incidents the zionists leaked)

  3. I read an article on Wiki about the Sector Theory relating to claims to islands in the Arctic Ocean,
    it stated that the islands North of the Alaska mainland were claimed by the United States, because
    of the Sector Theory and gave its source as T..E. M. McKitterick article entitled “The Validity Of Territorial And Other Claims In Polar Regions” in the JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE LEGISLATION AND INTERNATIONAL LAW, 3rd Ser. Vol. 21, No.1, Page 89 et seq. at page 89.
    It states that “The United States claim from 141 W. to 170 w, but since there are only a few small
    islands known to exist within the sector the claim has never been strongly pressed.” There is
    no sources cited to that statement. I know for a fact it is not true.

    Back in 1939, S. W. Boggs, the Geographer of the U. S. Department of State visited mid-level
    Canadian Government Officials at Ottawa, The talks related to the status of Islands North of
    the Alaskan mainland. In 1880 by an Order in Council the British Government transferred
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    Boggs suggested that Canada should exchange it claims to the four islands in the Plover
    Group (which were annex for Queen Victoria in 1850) to the United States Government.
    The United States Government in turn would turn over to Canada, its claims to Machias
    Seal Island in Washington County, Maine. Noting happen with those talks.

    While Dr. Harris an employee of the United States Government advanced the so-called
    Sector Theory it was rejected by the United States Department of Justice and the Department
    of State.

    I note from by readings today that T.E.M. McKitterick replaced in 1952, Leonard Woolf as Chairman of the International Bureau of the Fabian Societies. So there was a “Woolf in
    sheep’s clothing”! What bio do you have about T. E. M. McKitterick that can be posted?

    In 1884 the Major Ezra Clark placed in the District of Alaska five Arctic islands, viz., Wrangell,
    Herald, and the three then discovered DeLong Islands known at that time. There are in fact
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  15. Without Socialism, the Fabians & Labour working class chavs like Cigpapers would still be living in shit and straw huts – Cigpapers should be on his belly worshipping them – titter

    • How rude and nasty of ‘hhhhhhhhhh’
      The ‘so-superior’ Fabian class often use class status (actual and/or perceived) as an insult, and hence expose their true attitudes to other people – Fabians are not the ‘caring for the less-advantaged’ people they purport to be.
      Working class people will not get on our bellies and worship Fabians – thank you but we can do without that. We will not demean ourselves on our bellies to worship you.

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  18. Thank you for this article. Interesting. I watched a show here in the U.S. on a Catholic run station. It was dedicated to the sanctity of life. They discussed the seeds of our cultural slide to a culture of death and materialism. They discussed Saul Alinsky and his modus operandi for organizing. They briefly mentioned Fabian Socialism , which got me interested. In the U.S. Progressives are doing the same “work” as the Fabian Socialist. Anyone who speaks against multi culturalism is branded a racist or Nazi. I find the Fabian’s crest very interesting and descriptive of their intent. They and their ilk are almost at the end game of producing a dumbed down multicultural herd of sheeple they can easily rule. I pray they do not succeed. It takes great courage and fortitude here in the U.S. and Im sure in Great Britain to speak against them. Our Present Trump is driving them absolutely crazy ! Im convinced the fate of our country and western civilization is in his hands. CNN is virtually a 24 hour anti Trump propaganda organ. Well, again thank you for your informative article.

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