Recovering from Multiculturalism in America

Multiculturalism is the doctrine of jewish racial supremacy, jewish-fascism and White genocide. This is an article written by Andrew Anglin concerning the deconstruction of multiculturalism in America. The solutions may be different  to those needed for the deconstruction of multiculturalism in Britain and Europe, but are still worth considering.

A 2006 study showed that whites were a minority in 10% of US counties.  And a lot has changed since 2006.  This, dear brothers, is genocide.

A 2006 study showed that whites were a minority in 10% of US counties. And a lot has changed since 2006. This, dear brothers, is White genocide.

Though it appears that we in the White Nationalist movement are a long way from actually taking over the government of America and installing a White Nationalist regime in the name of our people, these things have tended to happen very quickly, historically.  As such, I think it is appropriate to open a discussion about what some of the problems we will face will be, and how we will deal with them.  One of the largest issues we will be facing when trying to rehabilitate our nation will be the difficult reality that America is already absolutely multicultural, with white people on the verge of becoming the minority (‘official’ academic estimates claim that this will happen in approximately 2050, though by my personal estimate it will happen much sooner if we do not take direct action now).  This is what I will be focusing on today.

A New State for a New Man

It is important to understand that literally everything about the United States of America needs to be changed, all the way down to the flag and perhaps even the name.  We must create a new Mythology for our people.  Banks, along with Media and Energy corporations will need to be nationalized; in fact, the entire bulk of corporate America will need to be seized by the new state, so as the massive corporate interests can be broken down and restructured to meet the model of regulated competition. The entire entertainment industry will need to be completely crushed and rebuilt from the ground up, so as to represent our values as a people rather than the disgusting and anti-human values of the Jews who presently runs this godless industry.  Addictive and harmful narcotics, both legal and illegal, will have to be eliminated entirely.  Sodomy will need to be outlawed.  Massive concentration camps will need to be built, as we will inevitably need to intern millions of people (the present prison system, being dehumanizing and cruel, and thus against our nature, will only be used for extremely violent criminals or out of absolute necessity).  The workforce will need to be dramatically reordered, with women being sent home, and jobless men being put to honest work in which they can take pride.

Another change will likely regard our present borders.

Black America

American blacks are a completely separate people, both racially and culturally.  They speak a different language, have a different worldview, and have a different set of values, both presently and historically.  In the time since the liberation of blacks from slavery, blacks and whites have become mortal enemies.  Whites live in fear of the blacks, who are much more prone to aggression than we are, while blacks deeply resent whites due largely to the present Jew-run government’s prerogative of making sure that they remain poor and illiterate in order to prevent a repeat of what happened with the Black Nationalists under Malcolm X in the 1960s; keeping them in such a state also allows them to be used as a battering ram against traditional white society.

We have more in common with Malik Zulu Shabazz and his New Black Panther Party than we do with most members of our own race.

We have more in common with Malik Zulu Shabazz and his New Black Panther Party than we do with most members of our own race.

The animosity between our two peoples continues to intensify as our society, which we are forced to share in this unnatural fashion, continues to become more and more chaotic as it approaches its eventual collapse.  It is unquestionably clear, at this point in history, that we are unable to integrate with one another on a large scale; this would require universal inter-racial breeding, destroying both races and creating a new type of man that would be capable of cohesiveness, due to genetic homogeneity.  Needless to say, neither party appears to be interested in this.

I will note here that one of the greatest aspects of the white race is our compassion and high morality, which separates us markedly from the Jews and many of the Asiatic peoples.  I often ask myself why it was that the Germans did not actually “Holocaust” the Jews.  Such would have been the pragmatic thing to do (though surely German engineers would have come up with a better means to do this than these supposed ‘homicidal gas chambers’).  Instead, they let many of them leave Germany before the war began, meeting up with their comrades in what became the allied nations, where they helped to further the plot against the German nation.  The only reason that the Germans never actually did commit a “Holocaust” was because they were noble Aryan men with deep compassion for all living creatures, and a spiritually-driven respect for life – even that of their mortal enemies.

Time for Whites to break free from the jewish master-race.

Time for Whites to break free from the jewish master-race.

Given that justice to a fault is a fundamental aspect of what it means to be a true white man, I find the suggestions, which have been made by certain sectors of the White Nationalist movement (mainly those that are obviously run by Jews), that we should “exterminate” the black race to be disgusting and offensive to my nature.  Beyond this, the assertion that such a thing would even be possible is completely ridiculous; African Americans have proven that they have the fierceness of their mother continent deep in their blood.

The fact is that the blacks got the same short end of the Serpent Staff of Moses that we got.  They didn’t ask to be brought over here, the Jews just did it, and now these rats sell them drugs and guns and push an entertainment industry on them that tells them it is hip and fashionable to do drugs and kill people, while ensuring that the way the education and legal systems works makes it impossible for them to ever develop beyond a primitive level as a people.  I have lived in intercity white neighborhoods in America that bordered black neighborhoods, and fully understand the situation on the ground.  But looking at this from a realistic and non-reactionary perspective, I am also capable of sympathizing with the plight of the black race as it exists in America.

Blacks have proven themselves capable of being cohesive and strong.  Such was the case with the Black Panther Party.  It is worth reading about what they believed and advocated, because in reality, it would have been a much better solution than the one that the spineless house-servant of the Jews, Martin Luther King, and the rest of the Jews and Jew servants of the civil rights movement gave us, which was simply a recipe for endless strife and national collapse.  The Panthers were demanding a nation for their people.  In 1960, America was 88% white, and 11% black.  If we would have done what was at the time both the just and logical thing, and granted the Blacks their own nation, rather than following the Jewish Yellow Brick Road of alleged integration, we would have been nearly 100% white, and I dare say we would all be a lot better off today; it is almost impossible to imagine that this multiculturalism ever would have taken off at all, if it weren’t for the Civil Rights movement.

Solidarity against the Jew: George Lincoln Rockwell at a Black Panthers rally, watching Malcolm X, a man who he deeply respected, give a speech.

Solidarity against the Jew: George Lincoln Rockwell at a Black Panthers rally, watching Malcolm X, a man who he deeply respected, give a speech.

Given all of this, I advocate a plan which would give a percentage of land, equal to their population, to the blacks of America. I believe that if large numbers of people were able to agree on such a plan, and discuss it with whatever intellectuals exist in the Black Nationalist movement (who have traditionally been very Jew wise), we would be able to come together and form an alliance against our Jewish overlords.

The aggressive nature that is often depicted by whites as the “savagery” of blacks also could be interpreted as a form of strength of will.  It is the Jew who has twisted these otherwise noble aggressive drives of the blacks both inward and outward, making them a menace to society.  They are also no doubt just as uncomfortable living among us as we are living among them.  They have a fearlessness that would make them a worthy ally in the fight.

I fully understand the difficulties involved in this, as the degree to which we would actually be able to work directly together would be very limited.  However, though the rank and file of our respective groups would definitely have a bit of trouble fighting alongside one another (even in the US military of today, units are broken down by race), I believe that the intelligentsia from both parties would be capable of cooperating, as was the case when George Lincoln Rockwell and his ANP met with the leaders of the Black Panthers back in the 1960s.

The Rest of the Rainbow

Though the solution to the Black issue could end up being relatively simple (relative in the larger scheme of the biggest problem our people have ever faced, that is), the fact that we have tens of millions of people who belong to neither of the native races of this continent presently residing in the United States presents a slightly more complicated problem.  Though I believe this will have to be dealt with when it happens, and so no comprehensive plan can be written out in advance, I have some ideas regarding the issue.  The focus will be on the way that a fall of the American Empire and the rise of a true American Nation will benefit the rest of the world, making them much more open to accepting a return of their people.



Firstly, though still a cancer in the body of the collective majority, many of the immigrants have proven to be much easier to get along with than the blacks, as they tend to have a much less aggressive nature.  Given this, a “soft” approach could well be possible.  By this I mean first offering them passage back to their land of origin and also ending all social welfare programs.  If an end to the social welfare programs causes violence, they can be put in concentration camps and their return to their homeland can be negotiated with the leaders of their country of origin.

When we take over America, we will already be empowering many of the third world nations of the world by freeing them from the yolk of the American military and the American-based multinational corporations, which we will nationalize at the same time we end “free trade” and implement a strict isolationist military policy, as well as an equally strict protectionist economy.

Surely, an end to the military actions of the United States in the Middle East would be plenty enough of a boon to the Arab nations to put them in a position where it would be very difficult for them to refuse to allow the return of their Diaspora.  Not to mention the fact that a cutting of funding to Israel will amount to its complete demise, which the Arab nations will be forced to acknowledge.

The Latin American countries will no doubt be happy to have the drug war ended, and with an end to intervention and manipulation by the Jewnited States of America, most of them are likely to install nationalist systems of their own, which will likely have quite reasonable heads of state.  Regrettably though, some parts of the Southwest may already be so infested Latin gangs, and with such a high percentage of the population Latino, that attempts at mass deportation could result in a blood bath that could last a decade, so when the time comes, we may be required to cede some territory there as well.  I do not think it is advisable not to allow such possibilities to at least be open to discussion.  Giving the Latinos a part of the Southwest could also allow for easier deportation of the massive Spanish-speaking immigrant communities in the rest of the US – we could just send them all to LA and South Texas.

The last of the groups of non-whites with a much too high population in the US are the Asians.  I think that they will be the easiest and most agreeable if we simply tell them they must go home, as the Asian races have very little aggression in them.  The leaders of Asian nations at present are much more reasonable than those of the rest of the world, and would not be difficult to deal with.  (We must also consider that if blacks have their own nation, much of the American Asian population will be applying for entry there, so as they can run the carry-outs in their ghettos).

Ultimately, I do not have a problem with having perhaps a 1% non-white population in the New America.  Though there are much too many American-born non-whites to allow them all to stay, we could give those born here precedence (just after any of those who may fight beside us, if such a thing happens) and implement some type of a lottery program to allow a small portion of those who are contributing to society in some way to remain within our nation.  Though it is imperative they are not allowed to vote or hold public office, and under absolutely no circumstance should they be allowed to receive public welfare benefits.

Auschwitz Theater

Many Jews may in fact relish in their race’s return to concentration camps, as they will be relieved from their hereditary duty of oppressing and exploiting the entire human race and allowed to pursue the fine arts.

You will no doubt note that I have yet to mention the Jews.  I am of the strong opinion that the vast majority of them (though not every single one) need to be interned in concentration camps, where they can be taught the value of work.  Sterilization may be appropriate.  It is also possible we could deport them to their blessed Holy Land and let the Arabs deal with them.  Whatever we decide to do, I want the solution to the Jewish Problem to be one that is just, not one which betrays our heritage of compassion and morality. At present, I have little else to say on the fate of that particular tribe.


We are at the beginning of a process.  We have little support, but that support is growing rapidly.  It will be necessary to have a cohesive core body of like-minded people of an intelligent sort before we will be capable of gathering the masses to our cause.  The more thought through, logical and morally sound our agenda is, the more appeal it will hold to the to the young intelligentsia which is presently messing about in all manner of nonsense at the direction of the Jewish ruling class.

This, along with the simple fact that a revolution must needs be planned, is plenty reason for us to stop simply complaining about Jews and begin to look toward the future, shaping it in our minds in the way that we will soon be shaping it in the real world.

The road is long and hard.  But take heed, for we have not yet begun to fight.


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  1. Newspeak, called Ingsoc) under the control of a privileged Inner Party elite that persecutes all individualism and independent thinking as “thoughtcrimes”. The tyranny is epitomised by Big Brother, the quasi-divine Party leader who enjoys an intense cult of personality, but who may not even exist. Big Brother and the Party justify their oppressive rule in the name of a supposed greater good.

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