Book Review: “White Girl Bleed a Lot” (5th Edition): Colin Flaherty

Written by Hugh Murray

Photos & Captions by Wat Tyler

This is the 5th Edition of Colin Flaherty’s “White Girl Bleed A Lot” book. The book describes how black racist violence is on the rise in USA and how the authorities and the media cover it up. These patterns are being followed to a degree in Britain and across Europe.

The book is available in either paperback or e-book. If possible we would reccomend the e-book as there are links to click on in the book

This is a book review by Hugh Murray


The book is simply a series of reports of black flash mobs crashing into stores, grabbing, insulting, robbing, beating, and occasionally sending Whites to hospital or to the morgue. On one level, this book is quite boring, for it is the same story told and retold again. It is the same story in Philadelphia, San Francisco, New York, Miami, Myrtle Beach, Indianapolis, Charlotte, Texas, New Jersey, Milwaukee, etc. The stories are variations on the same theme, how can young blacks humiliate Whites, destroy their property, steal, beat, and then run away. Black racism, black on White hatred, black on White crime, black on White violence is an epidemic in America. This part of Flaherty’s book is solid.

Going through a crowd of blacks with a bucket of fried chicken wasn't a smart move.

Going through a crowd of blacks with a bucket of fried chicken wasn’t a smart move.

Unfortunately, the response to these crimes is usually as repetitious as the crimes themselves. Local newspapers generally refuse to identify the race of the perpetrators. The author is able to do so by using Youtube videos, often posted by the criminals. They are proud of their violent crimes against Whites (sometimes, against Asians). One amazon reviewer dismissed the content of the book, maintaining it was anecdotal and not accord with the FBI’s hate crime statistics. In Milwaukee on July 3, 2011, a groups of blacks ransacked a gas station’s convenience store. They then rampaged in a nearby park beating and stealing from Whites, who were there to view the fireworks. Police were called and came to the scene. However, because of the politically correct sensitivity to minorities, even sensitive to those engaging in crime, the officers refused to file reports of the crimes. If there are no police reports of the blacks attacking Whites, then the crimes do not exist, and these crimes are not included in FBI or any other statistics.

Blacks rape 35,000 White Women in the USA every year - about 100 per day.

Blacks rape 35,000 White Women in the USA every year – about 100 per day.

Does one expect the Eric Holder Justice Department (the one that dropped the voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party) to investigate possible anti-white racism in a police department that permitted them to ignore the violent crimes by blacks against Whites? Only after some of the Whites were treated at hospital and called talk radio did local TV reports begin to expose the black racist assaults. Finally, [White] Police Chief Ed Flynn conceded that some “fights” had occurred. Flaherty snidely commented, “‘fights,’ which is a curious way to describe a race riot where some of the victims actually tried to defend themselves.”(p. 120) One of the White girls was slugged so hard, that her blood evoked the comment that inspired the title of this book. Mayor Tom Barrett, a liberal Democrat, and Chief Flynn, an import from New York, denied these were hate crimes, assured the city that crime was colorblind, and decried those who sought to “sensationalize” the occurrences.

White Man forced to strip naked by black mugger.

White Man forced to strip naked by black mugger in Britain.

Flaherty has amassed a book of crimes – crimes by blacks against Whites, and a few of blacks against Asians. Flaherty recounts page after page of black on White hostility, insults, theft, beatings, some of which may have led to emergency treatment, and sometimes to the grave. Page after page. Boring to read; painful to read, distressing to read of such injustice perpetrated so often by violent, Black racists, depressing to read how the crimes are not reported in the press, or not reported as racist crimes.

Josef Stalin, the Soviet dictator, observed that the death of one person is a tragedy; the death of a million is a statistic.

Unfortunately, in the US it becomes harder to acquire accurate statistics of black on White crime. If you simply read the local newspaper accounts of most of these incidents, all of the racial animosity and motivation is removed, deleted, expunged, censored. Why are Americans not supposed to read about the massive hatred and violence against Whites committed by blacks?

This White Man didn't show enough respect.

This White man didn’t show enough respect.

Black mobs are not identified as such; they are roving groups of “youths,” “teens,” “young people,” indulging in unseemly behavior. These are not hate crimes, and race has little or nothing to do with it. Of course, the reality is NOT what is reported. The reality is that young blacks engage in insulting, threatening, beating, and robbing Whites. But the major media do NOT want to reveal this basic fact. Flaherty finds the facts – on Youtube, where the color of the crime is visible and often posted by the proud black racist criminals themselves.
Why do the national and most local media cover up the criminality of black mobs? On this question Flaherty is silent. He clearly exposes the media cover-ups, but fails to ask why.


To answer this question, an older book might be more helpful, William McGowan’s Coloring the News: How Crusading for Diversity Has Corrupted American Journalism. Beginning with the large-scale black riots in hundreds of American cities in the mid- to late-1960s, the liberal analysis of events was encapsulated in the report of the Kerner Commission. Basically, the blue-ribbon panel blamed the riots on White racism, excused the rioters, and urged changes to prevent future outbreaks. Universities, which became the think-tanks of the Left developed theories to exculpate black violence; they were “culturally deprived,” they were victims of institutional racism, and their outbursts were simply a means to cope with such oppression. Furthermore, blacks could not, by definition, be racists. They might show prejudice, but racism required power, and since blacks in America lacked power, they were incapable of being racist. Only White racism was the problem. Of course, if you walk alone on a street at night, who has the power, a black with a pistol, or you? And in the era of President Obama and Attorney General Holder, who does have the power? Moreover, if this definition made any sense and were applied elsewhere, then Afrikaners, by definition, can no longer be racists in the new South Africa.

Would you want to see this coming down your street?

Would you want to see this coming down your street?

The Left-wing theories of race spun by academics were popularized by the media. In the journalism and communications departments of universities, students were taught that as reporters they were to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. Objective reporting was deemed not merely old fashioned, but immoral. The reporter was to take the side of the oppressed. And in race reporting, that meant coloring the news for the benefit of blacks, who were by definition, the oppressed. And so academe and the media melded into the academedia complex.

One defense strategy for weaker White males is to become submissive to black culture - these Whites are known as "wiggers".

One defense strategy for weaker White males is to become submissive to black culture – these Whites are known as “wiggers”.

Other issues were also fused with the new, politically correct mission of the communication majors. For example, as the method of affirmative action became clearer in practice, (basically a way to give the job or scholarship to a lesser qualified or unqualified minority and deny it to the best qualified, if he were White.) To justify these practices of denying equal opportunity to Whites, the Left developed the theory of “White male privilege.” According to this, all Whites were privileged, and to create a level playing field, preferences had to be granted to minorities, even rich ones. The Whites who did not understand this justification, were clearly racists, and probably deserving of a Fanonesque tutoring session (i.e., violence).


The curriculum of schools has changed drastically to incorporate many of the Leftist theories. No longer is the West applauded as the center of a civilization that freed many men and women of drudgery, that provided light throughout the night, that sped people and goods across a continent on rail, and even in the air, – now the West is depicted as oppressive. Whites smashing the wonderful civilizations of the Aztecs, of Africa, of wherever. And White oppression must be fought. Multiculturalism is the glorification of all cultures – except oppressive, colonial, racist, white culture. The West became the enemy in many of America’s schools.

So the “youths” who roam about lurking to beat whites (and sometimes Asians) are simply affirming what they have been taught in their multicultural curriculum and in the general media. So, poor, raped, Tawana Brawley – persecuted and raped by the KKK policeman, for a year was a page-1 story for Rev. Al Sharpton to inform reporters about the evils of Whites. It was a hoax; but the Left did not care. Think of all the educational material that Rev. Sharpton could present to the cameras during that year. And poor, O. J. Simpson – that White bitch of a wife was receiving OJ’s alimony to squander on that jewish waiter! They surely deserved what happened to them – whoever might have killed them. Another big racial event occurred in the Howard Beach section of New York City in which a black was killed by autos as he fled a group of angry White youths. Even a year following the event, there was a television movie about it to remind America of White racism and its murderous consequences. Yet, at about the same time, in Milwaukee a White youth, fleeing a group of black youths, jumped in Lake Michigan, and drowned. There was no publicity about the death of Maldonado in Milwaukee. Maldonado was just a White. Instead of running to the lake, he should have simply let the blacks beat the s___ out of him, and then he might still be alive. The media and those who control it could not state blatantly the main difference between these stories. One is a rare example of White racism; the other an all too common example of black racism. The media choose the spotlight the rare example, hoping to convince that it is the common type of racism. The media also dismiss the more common type of racist attacks, because that would show blacks in an unfavorable light. The media rationally choose the stories that they will emphasize. They choose those stories that fit their ideology. So, they provide massive coverage to one story, and bury the other.

Whites are gagged by political correctness.

Whites are gagged by political correctness.

Even though his mother was White, most people view Barack Obama as black. George Zimmerman had a jewish father and an Hispanic mother. But for the Leftist media, like CNN, Zimmerman was identified as the “White” who had brutally murdered the young Trayvon Martin. The point of the Leftist media was to show a wicked white racist murdering an innocent young black. That story fit the Left-wing agenda. Zimmerman resided in a neighborhood recently targeted by burglaries. He was part of a neighborhood watch, seeking to keep his neighborhood safe. However, the Left objects to that. (To the Left, if you want to live in a safe neighborhood, get rich and live in a gated community. The poor, according to the Left, should have to endure the crazies, the muggers, the rapists, and the Trayvon Martins.) The Left vigorously opposes the 2nd Amendment and the right to own arms to defend oneself; one’s loved ones, one’s property. Whatever happened in the confrontation between Zimmerman and Martin, the Left media sensationalized the event seeking to make it into a racist White killing an innocent black. I was not there to witness the event, and it is possible that Zimmerman shot Martin without provocation. However, there are other possibilities. Noteworthy, the Martin family has sought to keep Trayvon’s school records sealed. He had been suspended for several days, and there were indications that he was involved with drugs and stolen property. Is it not possible that Trayvon was casing the neighborhood when Zimmerman caught him? But, young blacks cannot be guilty when confronting a “White” (or even an Hispanic-white) according to the ideology that dominates the academedia complex. Noteworthy also, when the New Black Panther Party called for the apprehension of Zimmerman, dead or alive, this threat did not stir the Department of Justice to protect Zimmerman. After all, Obama marched beside leaders of the NBPP in Alabama and he also shared a platform with them. Some members of the NBPP have called for the murder of all Whites, men, women, and children. If Obama could share a platform with them, and have his Attorney General Holder dismiss a lawsuit against the NBPP, why would his Administration object to that party’s threats against the Hispanic Zimmerman?

Black mob flash racist violence is now prevalent across the USA.

Black flash-mob racist violence is now prevalent across the USA.

If our media were doing their jobs properly, there would be no need for Flaherty’s book. Because the media, on race issues, are dominated by Left-wing ideologues, they consciously try NOT to report stories unfavorable to blacks. When the story becomes too big to suppress, then the media spins it to distort, with the objective to make the blacks appear in the most favorable light.

What would happen if the media reported honestly? The Left would have “the community” (blacks and some radical Whites) march on the station, organize boycotts of the sponsors’ products, gather signatures from academe and tax-exempt Leftist groups like the NAACP, the ACLU, for law suits, demand firings of the honest reporters, etc. The station would quickly cave, and to prove its sincerity, it would grant a large contribution to some of the protesting organizations, fire the reporter or have him sent to an appropriate re-education center on sensitivity training. The station would also promise that in the future no such honest reports would be aired.

Eric Holder has loaded the US Justice system against White People.

Eric Holder has loaded the US Justice system against White People.

Sadly, since the 1960s, one cannot report the truth about race and crime in the major media in America. Flaherty’s book is not published by a major publisher. One can read about these incidents daily in some internet sites like Jared Taylor’s American Renaissance. He includes clips about racial crime in the US, and in addition, racial conflict and crime in Sweden, the UK, the Netherlands, and other nations.

Sweden now has a massive muslim gang rape culture and has become the rape capital of Europe.

Sweden now has a massive muslim gang rape culture and has become the rape capital of Europe.

Those old enough may recall black/white photographs from the 1930s of refugees fleeing Nazi Europe. The pictures make one sympathize with the victims of the bullying, belligerence, and terror they endured in storm-troopered Europe. With WWII won, America’s economy turned from building tanks to automobiles and consumer goods, and this nation embarked upon a period of great prosperity. Some could now afford cars, and even new homes in the suburbs. But others preferred to remain in the neighborhoods they knew from childhood. They did not want to move to the green burbs; they preferred to stay near the church their parents had helped build, the one in which they had been confirmed, been married, etc. Then came the riots of the late 1960s. The threats, the shots, the burned cars, burned buildings, beatings. The blacks doing this did not wear fancy storm-trooper uniforms, but they were just as racist, just as threatening, just as brutal. Now many more Whites found it necessary to flee the city. Like the jews of Hitler’s Europe, they had to leave, sometimes quite quickly, out of fear. They often suffered financial loss in the process of a fast relocation. Yes, they went to the burbs, and often loved it; like the jews who came to America and loved it. But many of these Whites were driven from their homes. White flight was a reality. While the academedia complex can only envision White racism, it was the brutality of black racism that caused many to flee. (Jack Cashill’s Sucker Punch: The Hard Left Hook that Dazed Ali and Killed King’s Dream describes how black racism led to the collapse of his home neighborhood in Newark, NJ, in the late 1960s.)

In multi-racial areas a lot of White Women are choosing having a black boyfriend for protection from black gang rape.

In multi-racial areas a lot of White Women are choosing to have a black boyfriend for protection from black gang rape.

What were Whites fleeing? Black racism. Black crime. Black “culture” (loud, noisy music, vulgarity, shouting, arguments, hatred of Whites, etc. Why is there such crime? Because liberal judges do not require blacks to abide by the same rules required of Whites. If they commit crimes, their punishment will often be lighter. A black who attacks a White can get away with it. So why not do it? It will not make news. It is deleted from the newspaper. If it does make news, it will somehow be the White man’s fault. The black is exonerated. OJ was declared not guilty and across the nation black university students cheered. (Stick it to Whitey!)

Also telling, shortly after being elected President, Ronald Reagan was shot and severely wounded by attempted assassin John Hinckley. The crime occurred in Washington, D.C., a city overwhelmingly black in population. A jury was selected to hear the case – eleven blacks and one White. Rather than convict the attempted murderer, the jury found him not guilty due to insanity! Do you think that jury would have reached a similar verdict had Hinckley attempted to assassinate Obama?

The blacks have been wound up by the jewish media and now they're armed, dangerous, angry and organised.

The blacks have been wound up by the jewish controlled media and now they’re armed, dangerous, angry and organised.

Flaherty writes about the past two years, atrocity after atrocity. So many attacks by blacks against Whites that it no longer seems a tragedy, but a Stalinist statistic. What might the numbers be? Though she includes all crimes and all races, Ann Coulter includes an important paragraph in her new book, Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama – “Between 1960 and 1973, the number of FBI index crimes – which are serious offences such as murder, rape, robbery, arson, assault, kidnapping and burglary – nearly tripled from 2,019,600 offences a year to 5,891,924. Hundreds of thousands of Americans had to die, be raped, or have their property destroyed or stolen because liberals had some neat new ideas about crime.”(p. 12-13)

Abraham Lincoln never wanted different races to live together.

Abraham Lincoln never wanted different races to live together and didn’t think it was possible.

Recall Stalin emphasized how one can conceive of an individual death, but not the death of a million. That is a statistic. Yet, Flaherty’s endless recording of one after another attack on Whites by black racists has a more powerful impact. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It is not a single incident, but the cumulative effect of reading about attacks on Whites by black racists. Equally important, the equally cumulative effect of the consistent cover-ups and lies by the mass media and the government officials to hide or excuse the black attacks.

Happily, not all blacks have taken up the war against Whites. Many blacks prefer peace with White people. But too often blacks vote for the liberal politicians and judges who refuse to crack down on black crime. If they are jurors, they too often vote to let guilty blacks go free.

"The Turner Diaries" by Andrew macDonald predicted much of what is happening in USA.

“The Turner Diaries” written by Andrew MacDonald predicted much of what is happening in the USA today.

What has happened to America in recent decades is a tragedy. In reality, the jewish elite have encourage blacks to make war on Whites. It is a war consciously ignored by the academedia complex. It is a war encouraged and subsidized by the extremely wealthy foundations (most of which are dominated by the Left). It is at present a one-sided war, for only one groups is involved in the aggression. The other is victimized. The media pretend there is no war. The politicians appease the aggressors. Statistics and tragedies.

New Black Panther Party are growing.

The New Black Panther Party is growing across USA.

Despite the flaws of typographical errors, misspelt and omitted words, despite the lack of analysis and index, despite the sloppy look and oversized print, White Girl Bleed A Lot provides accurate description of the continuing race war that the mainstream media consciously refuse to report.

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