The Truth About the American Truth Movement: A List of Shills (abridged)

Co-written by Anglin and Cigpapers:

What is known as the “truth movement” is in many ways a more ridiculous compilation of lies than the mainstream media itself.  In order to formulate a new truth movement, it is necessary that we crush the lie that is this old movement entirely; the first step in this process is to name the shills who are pushing these fanatical and deranged lies on the people.

It is clearly impossible to list all of these people off, given the fact that their numbers seem to be endless, with new shills popping up almost daily to spew profane, nonsensical dribble on the masses of well-meaning truth-seekers, so this is an abridged list.

I will note that I see many individuals who are perhaps not themselves shills catering to the shills in hope of getting support from the shills.  I will not, for instance, support the likes of Jeff Rense in the hopes that he may some day link to my articles.  I don’t have any desire to be associated with someone pushing aliens and “chemtrails,” regardless of how many hits it could get me. We in the real truth movement are rising, and we do not need to prop ourselves up by leaning on the old guard of this movement – we will instead climb to the top on the corpses of their failed, sellout radio programs, videos and websites.

I will first name the race-traitors, then move on to the Jews.

Alex Jones

Alex weeps tears of desperation as he begs a secret mysterious group to stop secretly eating mystery babies.

Alex “The Fat Man” Jones weeps tears of desperation as he begs a secret mysterious group of Satan-worshiping paedophile Nazis to stop secretly eating capitalist babies.

Though I must include Jones here, he is too big of a threat to cover in a few paragraphs, so I should refer readers to my longer essay on the nature of this obese, insane, probable drug-addict and manufacturer of Jewish children.  He is the most vicious and filthy of creatures, the outright open traitor who has sold us all down the river for sheckles and fornication with a wicked Jewess.  Alex has set himself up to dictate the narrative of this alleged “truth movement” through his marketing genius, transforming the old anti-communist propaganda of shortwave “patriot” radio into an internet empire.  This is presumably all being masterminded by his Jew wife.

It is Jones who has established the insane Jewish doctrines of “Libertarian Free Market Capitalism” and “Individual Freedom” as synonymous with any type of revolutionary movement.  Meanwhile in reality, those of us in the real truth movement are promoting a working people’s movement – populist, left-wing Nationalism which places the state as the core power of society, rather than promoting inhuman industrial forces to this position – as an obvious means to bring justice to our society, and are continually forced to bang our heads against the brick wall that is the Jewish doctrine of Libertarianism which so many people seeking the truth have had crammed into their brains by Jones and his cronies.

On top of all of this, Alex Jones pushes many different insane theories which have no basis in reality; these theories are then parroted by not only his followers, but those who claim to be against him.

Jordan Maxwell

After having been ejected from his ancestral home under a bridge, Jordan Maxwell was forced to relocate to the moon.

After having been ejected from his ancestral home under a bridge, Jordan Maxwell was forced to relocate to the moon.

One of the truthers in competition with Alex Jones for the world championship title of “World’s Fattest Liar,” Jordan Maxwell, whose real name is Russell Pine, has been spreading his lies and distortions for a very long time.  One of the original trolls to spread inane gibberish about a confusing and bottomless “secret mystery” which many shills allege is the root cause of all our problems, he started on the shortwave circuit decades ago.  Though Jones probably still interviews him occasionally, this pathetic, half-witted conman has become almost completely irrelevant; still, a lot of disinformation regarding this alleged “occult mystery blah blah blah” originated with him, and so I feel it is only just that he be included on this list.

Like his spiritual successor, Alan Watt, Maxwell has been caught photo-copying other people’s material and selling it as his own.

Anthony J. Hilder

Anthony J. Hilder never had his house bombed or burned down like Ernst Zundel for claiming Nazis did 9/11.

Anthony J. Hilder, who says secret Nazis instead of Jews are responsible for our problems, got rich for lying instead of having his house bombed and burned down like Ernst Zundel did for naming the Jew.

A possible Jew and a fighting comrade of both Jordan Maxwell and deceased shill Ted Gunderson,  Anthony J. Hilder is the stand-up comedian of the “truther” racket.  He comes across as totally non-serious, behaving like some type of creepy cartoon character or Vincent Price in his videos and interviews.  Among other madness, Hilder promotes the concept that the US government is somehow controlled by “Nazis,” without ever attempting to explain what exactly that even means.  He has blamed some secret mystery branch of the NSDAP still exists somewhere and is somehow controlling the governments of the west, masterminding such events as 9/11 to serve some unclear end.  If one were to say “but Tony, what about the fact that everyone we see controlling every aspect of our society is a Jew?” he would presumably respond by telling you that the Jews all secretly work for this alleged extant “Nazi” organization for which there is no evidence whatsoever.

Webster Tarpley

Webster "the Nazis are coming for your Doritos" Tarpley throws his hands up in confusion, unable to understand what he himself is talking about.

Webster “the Nazis are coming for our Doritos” Tarpley throws his hands up in confusion, unable to understand what he himself is talking about.

Yet another obese liar,  Webster Tarpley follows after his deranged mentor, Lyndon LaRouche, in spreading weird confusion among already confused people.  He, like most of the others on this list, will go to whatever ends necessary to keep his message kosher, doing any type of argumentative acrobatics he can come up with to hide the obvious fact that every aspect of our society is controlled by the Jew.   One of the few who does not parrot the “everyone doing anything they want is the definition of freedom” Libertarian line, Tarpley pushes a totally unclear doctrine focusing on FDR as some type of Christ figure.  It is possible that Tarpley has purposefully designed this message to be so convoluted and confusing that people are compelled to buy all of his overpriced books in an attempt to try and understand what he is even talking about.

On top of this, he is yet another rat pushing the idea of a secret Nazi organization – for which no evidence exists – running America for unclear purposes.

Mark Dice

Mark Dice: Gay or not, this picture is weird.

Mark Dice: Gay or not, this picture is weird.

Having joined the alleged truth movement by using the pseudonym of “John Connor” and being promoted by Alex Jones as “tall and handsome,” his love affair with the Fat Man recently ended.  Regrettably, after breaking up with Jones, Dice did not decide to name the Jew but instead has continued on with the same nonsense, apparently only hating Alex Jones for his insane behavior and not for his deranged rhetoric and outright lies.  Dice, even after being involved in this movement for nearly ten years, would rather blame invisible “Illuminati” boogiemen than the obvious perpetrators of all crimes against our race.  He is either borderline retarded – something which is very possible – or he would rather keep raking in cash with a soft and fantasy-based message which plays on Hollywood movies than risk his life to fight our eternal racial enemy.

Jim Marrs

Jim Marrs might look totally goofy and weird, but really, he's totally goofy and weird.  He has yet to present evidence for his retarded claims that Nazis are running America.

Jim Marrs might look totally goofy and weird, but really, he’s totally goofy and weird. He has yet to present evidence for his retarded claim that “Nazis” are running America.

An old time “truther,” Jim Marrs has made a career out of sensationalism.  Like Icke and others, he presents a view of reality so insane that people cannot help but be fascinated by it, and thus most of his book sales are surely to people who don’t believe his nonsense, but simply find the spectacle of it perversely interesting.

Having started out presenting reasonable research regarding the JFK murder, writing the book “Crossfire” upon which Oliver Stone based his film on the topic, Marrs later moved into aliens, secret Freemasonic mystery gibberish, and finally ended up postulating that the present state of America is the fault of a “Forth Reich” of super-secret German “Nazis.”  It is pure insanity that these people are able to push this kind of creepy madness, and yet continue to be accepted by the mainstream of the alleged truth movement as reasonable and reliable sources of information.  There truly is no place where the madness stops – the longer this thing goes on, the worse it gets.

Gerald Celente

Incessant whiner Gerald Celente brags about dating Jew women and has a mostly Jewish staff at his future-telling parlor.

Incessant whiner and oily ratlike weasel Gerald Celente.

The annoying Gerald Celente got rich on the stock market – now he wants to get rich off of you.  The last time I listened to the Alex Jones show, Jones ran a commercial about every 4 minutes for a video produced by Celente which would reveal the secret mystery of the event that would change the entire fabric of American society in 2012.  Now that the year is over, we don’t have to watch this video to know what this earth-shattering happening that Celente tried to warn us about was: the death of Whitney Houston.

He is probably one of the many guests who pays Jones for airtime, as all his endless doom predictions have been wrong, and you would think if he wasn’t getting paid, Jones would have at least a little bit of shame in continuing to take the man seriously.  At the time of writing, Jones still has him on constantly to advertise fifty dollar subscriptions to his future-telling service.  Everything about this man reeks so horribly of snake oil, it is maddening to me that anyone is gullible enough to take him seriously – but this is the epitome of what the “truth movement” is: a massive scam to take advantage of confused or weak-minded people.

Celente does not ever dare name the Jew, and instead blames even more unclear enemies, who we are apparently supposed to take to be evil rich White people.

Jeff Rense

If you want to be entertained with endless, pathological nonsense, tune in to Jeff Rense.  If, however, you want the truth, you'd better look elsewhere.

If you want to be entertained with endless, pathological nonsense, tune in to Jeff Rense. If, however, you want the truth, you’d better look elsewhere.

Insane looking Jeff Rense, perhaps the most popular of truthers other than the Fat Man himself, is one of the only ones on this list who does sort of name the Jew.  However, this is actually worse than if he didn’t, given that he mixes this up with all types of delusional insanity, including aliens and UFOs, secret mystery gibberish, all types of different Alex Jones conspiracies, “Chemtrails” and on and on and on, effectively making the Jewish destruction of our society yet another silly piece of entertainment for bored, lonely failures.

On top of this, Jeff does not acknowledge the genetic nature of the Jewish problem, instead claiming that Zionist  Jews are the real issue we should be discussing – but only after we are finished dealing with the alien agenda, the Freemasonic occult mystery and the “chemtrail” conspiracy.

Alan Watt

Though no proof exists that Jew-defender Alan Watt is a pedophile, he surely has the typical look of a child predator.

Though no proof exists that Jew-defender Alan Watt is a paedophile, he surely has the typical look of a child predator.

Perhaps most deranged of all these liars is the creepy weirdo Alan Watt.  When on shortwave years ago, this man used to name the Jew, but apparently realizing that this was probably illegal in Canada (he may have been threatened by the authorities)  and that with all the other nonsense he was spewing it didn’t really matter if he lied about Jews, he quickly stopped saying this and proceeded to attack any caller who dared name the Jew, saying instead that a secretive group of Freemasons were responsible for all of the problems in the world.

Alan’s show is a magical mystery tour of abject nonsense, designed to confuse the people while making out as though he himself has secret information to solve the mystery that he himself invented.  He weaves together all sorts of different lies supported by various misquoted or misinterpreted books from all different sorts of places, coming up with a secret mystery agenda to “create an elite utopia” by killing most of the people on the planet for no reason.  He has yet to address why the governments of the West pay poor people to keep producing bastard children, or why no one has made any real attempt at all to curb the population explosion in the third world.  Nonetheless, Alan has successfully drawn the alleged truth movement even further away from the truth, with most of the various hosts, including Jones, incorporating his much of his idiotic disinformation about “depopulation” and “chemtrails” into their own presentations.

In 2009, Watt was exposed for plagiarizing a paranoid schizophrenic named Glenn Kealey, photocopying his alleged research into a plot by a secret underground group of mutants to use a network of Freemasons to genetically engineer the human race into an asexual worker who’s brain would be controlled by cellphone towers in his “Cutting Through” trilogy.  Even after having printed this insanity, then being exposed as having photocopied it from someone else’s work, he is still invited on by many different talk show hosts to spew his mind-numbing gibberish.

Josh Reeves

Nonsense don't come cheap: trashy fat confusion monger Josh Reeves wants your sheckles.

Nonsense don’t come cheap partner: trailer-trash, fat confusion monger Josh Reeves wants your sheckles.

Yet another disgustingly obese slob, the trashy carbohydrate addict Josh Reeves attempts to deflect blame away from our eternal racial enemy by placing it on ancient reptile people, the Pope and Freemasonic republicans.  Known as “the retarded man’s David Icke,” his radio show focuses on children’s librarian-style book readings covering a range of boring topics that no one other than complete lunatics could possibly be interested in.  His trailer-park residents audience keeps on listening because they think his voice is funny; however, they do not appreciate his twang enough to send him all of their welfare sheckles, which causes him to regularly break down and beg for Jew gold, given that he is clearly much too fat to work or even leave his chair.

The Jews

Next, we will move on to the Jews who have attached themselves to this movement, largely by pretending to be “normal” White Americans.  I will note that these people are less culpable than the above listed race traitors, if they can even be labeled as responsible for their actions at all.  Blaming a Jew for taking steps to destroy Western civilization is like blaming a snake for biting you. It is almost impossible for these people to resist their genetic drives to destroy the social fabric of their host nations.

Here are a few of the truth movement Jews.

Mike Rivero

If you like to hear a gay-sounding voice pussy-footing around real issues, Mike Rivero is the man for you.

If you like to hear a gay-sounding voice pussy-footing around real issues, Mike Rivero is the Jew for you.

The Mexican-looking Sephardi Jew and homosexual-acting slob Mike Rivero is someone who you would never expect anyone to care about, and yet it seems he gets quite a bit of attention.  Having split with the Fat Man in 2010 over Jones’ fanatical support for the Jews and the Jew state of Israel, Mike did not go on to be a hardcore critic of his kinsmen, but continued along the same road he was on, talking about “political Zionists” instead of acknowledging the racial nature of the threat his people present to the non-Jewish world.

This type of “anti-Jew lite” material is in many ways worse than the hardcore nonsense presented by the likes of Jones, as it grabs people who are beginning to wake up to the Jewish problem on their own and then spins them into a feeble and ineffective position which is of no threat to our genetic enemy.

Jason Bermas

The genetic disease of Judaism is profoundly clear in the hideous mug of Jason Bermas.

The genetic disease of Judaism is profoundly clear in the hideous visage of Jason Bermas.

Perhaps the most physically repulsive of any shill on this list, the pizza-faced Jew who left his braces on too long, Jason Bermas, supposedly helped make the most watched documentary film in history, Loose Change – which was supported by none other than Fox News, given that it presents a kosher version of the conspiracy which deflects all blame away from the Eternal Jew.  Soon after, he destroyed his disinformation career by taking his deeply-rooted racial hatred of all non-Jews too far,saying that anyone who acknowledges that the Western world is run by Jews should kill themselves.  This was too much for even Judaphile Jones, and Bermas was banished from GCN.  Still, he continues to whore himself on YouTube in an attempt to reclaim his former glory and push the agenda of his wicked tribe on the gullible masses of confused truthers.

Though no one cares about this disgusting rat anymore, he is such a typical example of the kind of filth which plants itself in this alleged truth movement that he must be named.

Henry Makow

Physically, psychologically and morally weak, the Jew Henry Makow props up his self-image by dominating poor, brown pubescent girls while also producing dangerous hybrid children who will go on to infiltrate and destroy their mother's race.

Physically, psychologically and morally weak, the Jew Henry Makow props up his low self-image by dominating poor, brown pubescent girls while also attempting to produce dangerous hybrid children who will go on to infiltrate and destroy their mother’s races.

Jew Henry Makow pretends to expose his kinsmen and then goes on to spin people off into the madness of Benjamen Fulford’s secret ninja armies and Leo Zagami’s 2012 mystery apocalypse.  Some of the information he has presented on feminism is helpful, but even there he comes across weirdly, as if he only attacks feminism because he is a weak and cowardly man who is terrified of females.   The proof of his inability to have a normal relationship can be found in his incessant near-paedophilic race mixing with Filipina and Mexican teenagers; this is also likely a manifestation of his genetic desire to mix his genes with the various races which are not already fully culturally dominated by the Jew, note that Jews engage in this type of behavior without thinking about it, in the same way that a gentile will help his fellow man without thinking about it – subversion is the biological imperative of the Jew.

Luke Rudkowski

When not yelling insanely at people on the streets of New York, Jew Luke Rudkowski enjoys smoking pot, playing video games and pretending to be black.

When not yelling insanely at people on the streets of New York, Jew Luke Rudkowski enjoys smoking pot, playing video games and pretending to be black.

Being a pothead and possessing very low intelligence, Jew Luke Rudkowski had few options when trying to figure out ways to undermine his host society.  The truth movement once again proved the best outlet for a below-average individual to gain fame and fortune with the least possible effort.  This annoying harassment agent has made a career out of yelling crazily at people on the streets, making everyone who tells the truth about anything look as insane as him.

Luke says very little worthy of mention, mainly focusing on chanting baseless slogans taken directly from the incoherent ramblings of Alex Jones.  It is highly possible that the likes of David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger and Ted Turner actually pay this rat to harass them on the streets and make them look like totally reasonable people in the face of his incomprehensible, lunatic ranting about things that only paranoid schizophrenics and terminal potheads are capable of taking seriously.  Among other goofy things, this Jew claims to believe that eugenics and population control are the same thing, and that there is a secret group of White satanists who want to implement this policy for no clear reason.

His organization of potheads, Jews and Jewish potheads, “We are Change,” has thus far failed to change anything at all.  At least when Obama promised change, he gave people free cellphones.

Adam Kokesh

Rabbi Adam Kokesh: a gym membership and a bong cannot save this genetic Jew from his internal drive to destroy our society.

Crazy-eyed Rabbi Adam Kokesh: a gym membership and a bong cannot save this genetic Jew from his internal drive to destroy his host society.

The supposed “anarcho-capitalist” Jew Adam Kokesh, is one of the more ridiculous figures to be found in this alleged movement.  Kokesh is not a traditional Jew by any means, being physically fit, a combat veteran, in possession of a charismatic personality, and having a very low IQ.  Nonetheless, he cannot resist the genetic drive to cause confusion in the mind of the goyim by pushing incoherent stupidity and deranged insanity upon them.  He says that we need to abolish the government completely, while continuing to allow capitalism to exist – he is too blinded by his genetic desire to destroy to recognize the obvious reality that presently, the state is nothing more than a facade for the forces of international capitalism.  If we were to remove the state now, the corporations which run our society would simply replace it with a new system which did the exact same thing as the present state, as this is the most effective way of ruling the masses and getting them to submit to the will of their masters.

As a Jew cannot blame the Jew, Kokesh instead focuses mainly on abstract, ideological enemies, which he himself is too stupid and stoned to ever fully explain.

In a bizarre attempt by the US Government to give this pet shill some credibility he was arrested on 18th May 2013 on the charge of resisting arrest, leading to a “Free Adam Kokesh” campaign – you’ll notice from below that someone had registered the “FreeAdamKokesh” domain 6 days before his “arrest”:


If you watch this video  from 11:45 onwards Kokesh is questioned about this and fails to give a satisfactory reply.

Following his “Locked and Cocked ” protest in Washington on July 4th 2013 Kokesh was arrested on July 9th 2013 at his home in Virginia. He is currently being held without bail on drug ( magic mushrooms ) and firearms charges.


Again, this is an abridged list.  There are many, many more shills out there spreading all sorts of nonsense, but I think most of the ones who I’ve not named here likely follow the various fallacies I’ve outlined here.

The lying nature of these people is not necessarily due to any type of conspiracy in the traditional sense.  For the race traitors, it appears to be mainly about stacking sheckles and inflating their own egos, and for the Jews it is, as I have said, about their genetic drive to destroy their host people through the means of confusion and distortion of reality.

It is my contention that all of these men should be subject to criminal prosecution, and, depending on the rulings of a fair and just court, either executed for treason or imprisoned.  Though it is possible that, as we who are the real truth movement rise, some of the shills may cross the line and join us – however, if they continue to push this destruction upon us, suckering as many as possible into their insane schemes, they will be given no quarter when we reclaim our White Nations.

Strengthen yourselves, brothers, for the day of our victory approaches ever more quickly.


54 thoughts on “The Truth About the American Truth Movement: A List of Shills (abridged)

  1. I believe Glenn Beck deserves a mention here. He pretended for a time to be somewhat of a “truther” while grandstanding for the Jews and Jewish multicult doctrine. He even helped the Jews infiltrate and destroy the Tea Party “movement.” Overall, I think this article is great and really puts the screws to these numbheads. I’m going to link to it from my blog.

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  3. Great article Cigpapers.

    It is very sad that for many people when they realise that the mainstream media is not being honest, they then turn to these people of nonsense and/or deceit. One rejects the establishment deceit/nonsense/censorship/manipulation only to run to more (albeit of a different sort). And many of these shills purporting to tell the truth merely confuse and distract good people. Very sad. But the shills capture the audience of good people because they start by confirming our beliefs that we are being deceived by the mainstream/establishment, and then people are drawn in into all sorts. However, these shills are not the only option; it is not a question of merely the msm or these lot. There are other and better options.

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  6. I agree with most of the above. However, there’s a genetic split among the Jews. Ashkenazi Jews aren’t genetic Jews at all, they are Khazar converts from the 1400s(?). Google the “khazar hypothesis” — the population of EU Jews dictates that this is true, the numbers don’t add up otherwise. So, all “white” Jews have no 4,000 year history with Israel whatsoever.

    Secondly, some of the above are actually psychopaths. David Icke plays a particularly clever game. By blaming everything on shape shifting reptilians, he hides, and subtly discredits, the emotional reptilians that walk among us. He is an emotionless, conscienceless, guiltless psychopathic predator.

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